Why Are Businesses Changing Their Sales Tactics?.

It's easy to spot & avoid a one-size-fits-all sales message. That's why personalized customer relationships boosts engagement

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A Sales Solution That Knows Your Customers' Buying Habits

Over 32% of Americans purchase products and services through their mobile device at least once per month...and the rate grows more every day. Simplify their buying habit and routine even more with solutions that increase the response rate of your sales communications.

Make Your Sales Seamless with Omni-Channel Solutions

Let services & products sell themselves

Accept Payments in-App

Make sales directly in your messaging channel or app with our integrated Payments Solution. Showcase your products and accept payments without leaving the conversation channel.

Bulk SMS Outreach

Grow your subscriber list with mass SMS messaging that allows for personalization and segmentation. Our opt-out management ensures your database stays healthy and effective.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Re-engage and notify new or existing customers about their abandoned carts with friendly message reminders triggered to send based on custom criteria.

Mobile Message Alert - Sales

Grow Sales with Multi-Channel Messaging Campaigns

  1. Send exclusive sales alerts for discounts & promos

  2. Kindly message customers to remind them about Abandoned Carts

  3. Mass message your database to grow your subscriber list

  4. Customize your message to offer limited-time offers

Our Toolbox of Sales Products & Features


Bulk SMS

Send mass SMS's & grow your subscribers or notify customers about sales & offers


Email Campaigns

Send emails through campaign automation and build workflows to nurture sales


Customer Data

Create workflows & automate abandoned cart alerts, outreach, follow up, & more


Custom Landing Pages

Create mobile-friendly landing pages for a richer way to showcase your products


In-App Payments

Make sales directly in-channel with our integrated invoice or payment solutions

voice campaigns

Sales Calls

Setup voice technology to add traditional sales calls to your sales outreach mix

Effortlessly Generate New Customers & Drive Even More Sales

Boost your revenue through CM.com's omni-channel customer engagement sales solutions designed to unify your entire sales process from initial outreach to payment processing.

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