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Our Twitter API helps brands promote products & services, send personalized updates, grow followers, expand reach, & more...

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Discover What Twitter Can Do For Your Business

Get unparalleled results & performance

A Network of Targeted Users

Twitter handles over 500 million tweets per day. Connect with customers via Twitter and deliver direct messages to users you know are actively online, sharing, & engaging in real-time.

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Deliver Real-Time Customer Service

Twitter provides brands with a direct & real-time channel to engage with customers & deliver exception CX. Keep customers happy with live updates & immediate & replies to support questions.

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Personalized 2-Way Communications

Twitter for Business can be utilized to send personalized and thoughtful responses to support & gain feedback from your customers. Send custom-tailored DMs and watch your brand loyalty grow.

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Use Twitter to Expand Campaign Reach & Brand Reputation

Twitter is the top channel for posting, sharing, & accessing content in real-time...24/7/365. For businesses, it's important to leverage this live stream of information and user engagements to talk to your customers directly and avoid Tweets that reflect poorly on your brand.

Discover what matters and have meaningful conversations. Use Twitter for Business to support customers personally – regardless of when or where.

  1. Represent your brand in real-time & engage in live conversations.

  2. Stay up-to-date by monitoring competitors & customer feedback.

  3. Promote your brand to ensure long-term brand loyalty & awareness.

  4. Promote campaigns & send targeted URLs/content to your followers.

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How to Access Your Twitter for Business API

Before requesting your API, register for your free platform account. Once registered, please contact our sales team. One of our experts will then connect you to a dedicated specialist to guide you from onboarding to implementation & setup, ensuring you gain maximum value from CM's Twitter API

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How To Use Twitter for Business

Customers turn to a multitude of chat apps to reach out to you for support. Availability on Twitter, WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat and SMS is the new standard. How do you support all those channels, while efficiently handling queries on this multitude of channels?

By adding Customer Contact, you’ll handle all conversations with the greatest ease. Customer Contact removes all thresholds and repetitive processes. Start from Customer Contact, add your preferred channels to Customer Contact, and improve your service quality.

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Why use as your Twitter for Business provider?

All your customer's preferred channels

From Twitter & WhatsApp to Apple Business Chat, combine them in one interface or choose the channels your customers prefer most. This makes customer service easy for you and your customers.

All Messaging Channels

One easy-to-use Contact Center tool

Connect to all Messaging Channels via one interface and switch easy between channels so you can continue conversations with multiple customers through multiple channels.

To Customer Contact

Extra built-in features

Benefit from built-in features like quick replies and chat bots. Insert rich media into the conversation, amplify your communication with pictures, videos, locations, opening hours, and more.

Automatic channel fallback

We guarantee the delivery of your message. If there is no internet connection available or your recipient doesn't have Telegram installed, we can automatically fall back to SMS.

Use Twitter for Business-to-Customer Communications, Today

Twitter is the go-to channel when it comes to accessing the most current events, news, & a source to connect your brand with your customers, worldwide.

CM's API makes engaging your target audience easier than ever – all it takes is a message to your customer via their most used/preferred channel!

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