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Use Programmable Voice API to create your own IVR applications in a flexible way, while still remaining full control.

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What are you going to build with our Voice API?

IVR made easy

Our Voice API provides easy-to-use building blocks to create your own IVR applications in a flexible way, while still remaining full control.

Build experiences

Easily integrate CM's Voice API with the other features of the CM platform, such as Business Messaging, Authentication and Payments.

Cost effective

Significant cost savings. No hardware investments and up to 35% reduction on outbound calling costs when combined with our SIP Trunk.

Seamless Interactive Voice Recognition for a Seamless Flow

Manage and create custom call flows, without digging into complex call protocols or purchasing expensive systems. offers the easiest Voice technology API to help developers create simple "drag-and-drop" Interactive Voice Response "IVR" call flows that are easy to maintain.

Explore our suite of powerful Voice features and discover new ways you can implement Voice into your multi-channel communication mix and grow your company's success.

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Powerful & Programmable Voice Features

Do want to implement additional voice functionality, or integrate our SIP Trunking solutions? provides you with access to our set of comprehensive APIs. Our Voice APIs allow you to build various voice applications from scratch, or implement our prefab building blocks.

  1. Setup inbound and outbound calls

  2. Create text-to-speech or audio notifications

  3. Send One-Time-Passwords (OTPs) over voice

  4. Configure call forwarding and DTMF inputs

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How Does Our Voice API Work?

The server will call your http(s) server using a POST command and will send JSON data containing information on a new incoming call, a newly setup outgoing call or a status update on a call (for example. done playing audio file).

The Voice API will call your server to inform it on updates and ask for the next step(s) to perform.

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Build Voice Functionality from Scratch or Use Our Templates

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Build your voice and messaging application from scratch. Use's easy and extensive Voice APIs to create your desired communications solution.

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Start Now Using Templates

Our pre-built templates apps help you to quickly setup & launch notifications, one-time-passwords, and even provide basic structures for DTMF menus.

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