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"Boost Consumer Engagement Using Mobile OTT Chat Apps"

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Webinar: Boost Business-to-Consumer Engagement Using Mobile OTT Chat Apps | EN-US

3-Part Series Webinar Overview

Part 1, 2, 3 Agenda

1: Traditional Customer Communications

How is Mobile Messaging Changing Businesses?

Begins at 10AM PST (45 Mins)

How does SMS, voice, & email stack up against Apple Chat, Facebook, Twitter, & WhatsApp for Business?

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2: New vs. Legacy Messaging Channels

What is OTT Messaging?

45 Minutes

Learn about new messaging channels & "OTT chat apps." See how businesses are using Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, & WhatsApp Business.

Learn More About OTT Chat

3: Unified Multi-Messaging Platform

How to Combine Traditional & New Mobile Messaging Channels

45 Minutes

How to unify both new and legacy messaging channels to create seamless multi-channel customer communications and CX.

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Your Key Takeaways

✓ How to use Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, & WhatsApp Business for Customer Communications

✓ Why traditional messaging channels are relevant

✓ Benefits, risks, & ROI associated with adopting new CPaaS

✓ Who should add new vs. traditional messaging channels?

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