Customer success story: Lowlands & Mobile Order.

Thanks to Mobile Order, long queues at festivals will come to an end.

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Lowlands & Mobile Order

During the 27th edition of Lowlands, organizer Mojo Concerts B.V. and introduced a new way of paying for festival visitors. 

At least 4,000 Lowlands festivalgoers registered for Mobile Order, the new way of ordering and paying afterwards. 

lowlands mobile order

Order on your mobile with Mobile Order

Organiser Mojo has researched many payment options for the previous Lowlands editions as an alternative to the well-known coins. But none of the payment solutions met the requirements of reliability, ease of use and financial security.

Eric van Eerdenburg, Director of Lowlands: " brings the ease of payment to our app and thus directly to the visitors. No queues at the cash registers, but ordering where you want whenever you want, and then picking up the order using a QR code. It hardly gets any easier for the visitor, but also for us as an organizer." 

Where festival meets technology takes the ordering and payment process to the Lowlands festival app, instead of to another app or payment terminal.

Lowlands was the first pilot for Mobile Order. Physical coins are no longer needed. Van Eerdenburg hopes that coins as a means of payment can disappear altogether in the future. "Ordering via mobile and paying afterwards is more user-friendly for the visitor, and logistically it is much simpler than plastic tokens. Moreover, it is trouble-free", because of local caches in the visitor app and those of the bar staff.

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of, is also enthusiastic about the pilot: "Lowlands is a perfect opportunity to introduce festival visitors to an entirely new festival experience. This is just a small part of how the experience can be improved. We simplify the ordering process and integrate payment into the Lowlands app, but this is also possible for ticket sales, communication, merchandise sales and all other aspects that make a festival so much fun." 

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How does Mobile Order work?

With's Mobile Order, visitors can order drinks and food via the Lowlands app. The entire range of participating bars can be found in the Lowlands app.

When a visitor is ready to ORDER, a unique QR code is generated which will be scanned at the bar, where they immediately prepare the order. Coins are no longer needed and then Lowlands comes to an end, the total amount will be debited from the linked account in one go.

Would everyone in a group of friends like to pay separately? With the SCAN A FRIEND button, visitors can easily add the QR codes of up to 5 friends to the order.

Lowlands pays your bill

On boarding is easy. In 2 minutes, the visitor can register via the Mobile Order button in the Lowlands app. Personal data and account or credit card number is processed securely and, of course, in full compliance with the current AVG guidelines.

Mobile Order works offline and costs nothing, except for the one-cent verification payment for IBAN authentication. An internet connection is only required during registration and downloading from the menus. After that, Mobile Order works offline. Did you lose your phone? An account can be blocked at the info stand to avoid unexpected payments.

Lowlands wants to encourage as many visitors as possible to test Mobile Order. That's why the festival organisation launched the 'Lowlands pays your bill' competition. "If you use Mobile Order this year, you have a chance that we will pay for your entire Mobile Order account." After the festival, 10 visitors were informed that their bill had been waived. 

The future of payments at festivals

Mobile Order has proven itself for Lowlands in a technical sense. Gilbert Gooijers (Managing Director "The first results are above expectations due to the number of unique users, but also because of the number of repeat purchases they made. Once a festival-goer has paid token-free via the app, he or she will continue to do so."

Gilbert: "This was a first pilot, which ran at a small subset of visitors: at the Glamping, the Beer & Cider bar and the press and guest barn. The bar staff, often professionals working at multiple festivals, gave positive feedback and didn't really need instruction. In order to scale up to more locations next year, the signage on site and in the app will have to change. There should be no doubts about which orders they can place and where to pick it up."

Does this mean that Mobile Order will be a fixed element at Lowlands? Festival director Eric van Eerdenburg answers, I am already "sure that we want to offer Mobile Order again in the Lowlands app next year".

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