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With, Vacansoleil streamlined customer service from multiple systems to one centralised platform.

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The Benefits and Results

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Better Availability via the Right Channels

Vacansoleil offers email, telephone, live chat, and chatbot support. Instead of implementing as many channels as possible, Vacansoleil is helping customers by directing them to the right channel with the help of a chatbot. The overall goal? Managing all customer interactions via different channels, even during peak moments. "As an example, we engage via telephone with a customer for a new booking, that is how we co-create and empathise," says Eric Kluitenberg, Customer Service Manager. Next, technology allows Vacansoleil to scale up without hiring new people. With the solutions of, a frictionless customer experience is easy to provide.

“We have to consider which channels are important for our customers. Doing this ensures we can handle questions the best way possible.”

– Eric Kluitenberg, Customer Service Manager, Vacansoleil.

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Work Smarter: All Communication in One Place

Back in the day, Vacansoleil used different software and channels to manage customer service, such as Excel, Outlook, telephone, and their own CRM. What happened? It was a challenge to keep sight of the conversation. For example, if customer service received an email asking to update a booking, they wouldn’t know what booking the question was related to. Now all the information is on one screen.

Since the team has implemented Mobile Service Cloud, all channels are managed and stored in one place. As a result, Vacansoleil has seen:

  • Increased efficiency

  • Personalised service

  • Improved teamwork and communication

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Providing Self-Service via a Chatbot

Self-service and 24/7 availability are challenging developments that can’t be ignored. How do you offer your customers the best service experience? And think about your customer care team? With Conversational AI Cloud chatbot platform, Vacansoleil can handle more customer requests without hiring extra staff.

Because of the AI chatbot, Vacansoleil can now analyse what questions are asked, which helps to organise customer service better. The bot handles the first interaction automatically and directs customers to the right channel.

Start Small, Grow Together

Vacansoleil wants to grow together with The goal? Expanding customer service with more channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business. In the future, different departments will probably work more closely together; an example is how marketing campaigns and services create possibilities together for upselling. Or how a service interaction can also generate value with sales opportunities. And right there on that crossroad is exactly where Vacansoleil sees most possibilities with

" makes us feel like we’re the most important customer they have. They always have time to talk and think with us. We’re not a huge company like or Coca-Cola which can make us less interesting to some companies. With though, we might as well be a Fortune 500 company, because that is how they treat us."

– Eric Kluitenberg, Customer Service Manager, Vacansoleil

Take Control of Your Customer Service Experience With

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the increasing volume of customer interactions? We would love to show you how our solutions can help you to take control and improve your customer service experience. Don’t wait – contact us today to learn more! 

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