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Enrichment of WiSH Outdoor visitor database with smart tools

WiSH Outdoor Netherlands wants to enrich their accumulated database for smart marketing applications, ensuring the chosen target group can be reached via the most suitable channel. We spoke to Jimmy van der Leemputten of Bromios Event Crafters, organizer of WiSH Outdoor about these applications and related future plans : "Our ultimate goal is to sell as many tickets as possible. We can reach this goal by better informing visitors about their interests."

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WiSH Outdoor: facts & figures

WiSH Outdoor is a three-day music festival (18+) in the Netherlands, which takes place the first weekend of July. In addition to the festival there is a campsite and Sunday is family day for all ages. The line-up varies from hardstyle, to R&B, dance and Dutch. The full experience of the festival is important for WiSH; the decor, the story, the show... Everything has to be right.

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    More than 60,000 visitors in one weekend

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    Many different types of tickets for sale through one platform

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    Data-driven solutions for both visitor and WiSH Outdoor

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    Effective use of pre-registration

Ticket sales

WiSH Outdoor offers a huge amount of different tickets types, from three-day tickets with camping stay, to day and munt tickets. Jimmy: "Buying a ticket must be an easy and fast process. That's why we only ask for the most important visitor data, such as name and e-mail address. When this data is already known, it's automatically filled. In a later stadium we try to enrich that data and apply it in our marketing strategy."

After purchase, all ticket buyers are asked to personalize their tickets, not only the buyer of the tickets. All festival visitors must leave their personal details, such as name, date of birth and e-mail address, to finally receive the ticket. This way WiSH Outdoor collects data from all visitors to reach every visitor personally.

Enrich data via other channels

Another way for WiSH Outdoor to enriche their database is via pre-registration. "With the trigger to register ,the potential visitor can order a ticket 24 hours prior to the official ticket sales date.", explains Jimmy. In addition to the most important data, the phone number and favorite music genre of the visitor is requested in this form. The visitors who pre-register are already interested in WiSH Outdoor and will take their time to register.

Music interest is also asked In the confirmation email of the ticket purchase. Via a seperate link, visitors can indicate their own desired line-up via an online form by providing their Top 5 artists. The same form is shared via WiSH Outdoor on social media and is fully designed in the WiSH Outdoor look & feel.

Jimmy: "All the collected visitor data ends up in the data system. offers all the services to do something valuable with this data. We carry out the analyzes from the collected data in our marketing strategy and that's worth a lot."

Marketing of collected data

With the enrichment of the database, WiSH Outdoor wants to reach their target group better. Jimmy: "Data is key for everything in the future. The collected data contains many variables that are interesting for targeted marketing. For example, we can target people who are interested in hardstyle by announcing a hardstyle artist for WiSH Outdoor on Instagram." The opposite also applies. Someone who already has a ticket is omitted from the recipients of a Facebook post about buying a ticket. This way a specific profile only sees the information that is interesting and relevant to him. This prevents WiSH Outdoor from ensuring that every visitor receives the same information, despite the difference in needs.

Jimmy: "With the tools we can provide visitors with the right information in a smarter way. This also offers added value for the visitor. The more we know about people, the better the service we can offer. "Ultimately, this should lead to the highest ticket sales as possible."


The purpose of WiSH Outdoor is to sell festival tickets by using the extensive visitor profiles database. WiSH wants to continuously expand this database. A future dream for the expansion is knowing what a visitor exactly does during the festival, what he drinks and which stages he visits. A solution for this lies in cashless payments. Jimmy: "But we think our visitors are not ready for that yet. Festival visitors often come in groups and put coins together when someone is going to get a drink. One pass for a group that is not continuously together, doesn't work. "If there is a solution for cashless payments for festivals, for example via mobile, this yields valuable information. WiSH Outdoor could then see what the visitor orders at which bar, how often he orders something and what his expenses are. A visitor who buys a lot of tickets, comes for the whole weekend or spends a lot is a good ambassador of the festival. WiSH would like to give that visitor extra attention.

Although this solution is still under development, in the meantime there are plenty of opportunities to expand the visitor database. Jimmy: "We already know a lot about our visitors. Will he come early to the festival or rather later? Does he buy many tickets? Does he come more often? Does he open all e-mails and click on all links?" This data can be used to get a visitor earlier to the festival or to offer an early visitor a certain discount or promotion for example.

Cooperation WiSH Outdoor and

The flexibility and knowledge of provide WiSH Outdoor with a positive vision of the future to enrich the visitor database. Jimmy: "Working with is a great collaboration, not just a service. We listen to each other, and both think data-driven. In combination with what can deliver, this is worth gold."

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