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Integrate Apple Business Chat into your communication suite and turn any conversation into a successful conversion.

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Apple Business Chat

We've added Apple Business Chat to our Conversational Commerce offering. Apple Business Chat is a powerful messaging channel, creating the ultimate client experience.


Start the Conversation with Your Customers Today with Apple

Interact with Apple Users

All iOS devices with iOS 11.3 or higher are equipped to handle chats via Apple Business Chat. This adds up to 565 million active users.

Enrich Customer Care

With Business Chat, your customers can easily get assistance, schedule appointments, and complete purchases with Apple Pay.

Guarantee Delivery with SMS Fallback

You want your message to reach your audience. If there is no internet connection available, an SMS fallback is initiated.

Your Direct Connection to iOS Devices

Apple Business Chat is a powerful channel to connect directly with customers using iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Customers contact you via Apple Business Chat using their iMessage app, Business Chat, Maps or Siri. Answer their questions and enable safe payment options from one dashboard.

Apple Business Chat conversation

Improve Customer Service

On Apple Business Chat, customers initiate the conversation with companies, whenever it's convenient for them. They will have access to all conversations they had with you previously. Because of the many features of Apple Business Chat, rich service can be provided all within this one messaging channel.

Apple Business Chat puts an end to waiting lines and customers being put on hold, for example by integrating smart automation and chatbots.

Complete the path to purchase by integrating Apple Pay - an easy and secure payment solution for your products and services, without leaving the conversation.

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Apple Pay payment with Business Chat

Offer In-Channel Purchases

Integrating Apple Business Chat is great way to turn a conversation into a successful conversion.

Offer Apple Pay for easy and secure payments for your products and services, without leaving the conversation. A payment request looks like a normal chat bubble, but displays the familiar Apple Pay payment sheet. After the customer authorises the payment, the payment request updates to reflect that payment is complete.

Apple Business Chat - Conversational Bundle Pricing *

Pick the Bundle That Fits Your Needs

Monthly Active Users (Unique Customers) Price **
Monthly Active Users (Unique Customers) Price **

Up to 500

R 1,499 / month

Up to 1000

R 2,299 / month

Up to 2500

R 3,799 / month

Up to 5000

R 5,299 / month

Up to 10000

R 7,499 / month

> 10000

Contact us for custom pricing

* One-time onboarding fee of R 7,499 applies

** Excluding Cost per Templated Message

What is a Monthly Active User (MAU)?

A monthly active user is a unique contact point (phone number or social media channel ID) with whom conversations were held within a calendar month - regardless of the number of conversational messages exchanged between end users i.e. customer and a WhatsApp Business account.

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