5 tips on how to do mobile marketing right this Christmas

As the days get warmer and daylight lasts longer, Christmas shopping starts to kick off. Consumers are seeking out the best gifts at the best prices, meaning competition between retailers can be fierce. How do you ensure that its your inventory that ends up underneath the Christmas tree? If you want to reach your customers before your competitor does, mobile marketing is the way to go.

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Mobile Christmas Shopping facts

  • In 2017, 85% of consumers said they would "probably" or "definitely" use a mobile app for their holiday shopping
  • 40% of Christmas gift shoppers, find which stores to visit on their mobile
  • 82% of shoppers use their mobile as an assistant for in-store Christmas shopping
  • Mobile sales are expected to equate to 52% of all sales this Christmas season

1. SMS Marketing this Christmas

Though many companies still rely mostly on email to target their audience with offers, there is a faster and more reliable way to reach consumers. Right in their pocket. By choosing SMS campaigns for your marketing campaigns this Christmas, you’re choosing a significantly higher open rate. SMS messages have a staggering open rate of 98%. Therefore, you can be sure that your message is read by practically all receivers. The vast majority of these messages are read within just a few minutes. That means that, if you time your messages well, your customers are sure to receive your message. Loud and clear!

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2. SMS Coupons

Not only are most SMS messages read within just a few minutes, consumers also tend to save your messages on their phone. That means that if you send a coupon via SMS, your customer will have your coupon on him at all times. That includes the time when he’s actually doing his shopping. That in contradiction to the printed coupon, which often ends up in the bin. Remind your receiver of the SMS coupon that’s burning a hole in his pocket by drawing attention to this discount ticket on your website and/or brick-and-mortar stores. That way, you’ll see sales increase in no time.

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3. Grow your contact list

An additional benefit of the strategy I’ve mentioned above, is that consumers whose number you do not have yet, might be tempted to opt-in for marketing messages if that means they will then also gain access to that SMS coupon for a discount. This way, you’ll gain new contacts you can target with your mobile marketing campaigns in the future. Whether it be via digital marketing efforts or using short codes. It's an easy way to grow your reach through SMS marketing this Christmas.

4. Care about loyalty

As consumers spend more time shopping in December than in any other month, the main focus might go out to that month. However, the time following that holiday season is quite important as well, as it offers great opportunities for customer engagement. After all, the customer experience doesn’t and at the cash register. Your after sales also demands your attention. For example, thank your customers for their purchase with a Christmas greeting. Send them an offer for related products. Or offer a helping hand in case the customers have any questions. This way, you’ll create an impression that lasts a lot longer than just the holiday season, which will make them think of you the very next time they go on a shopping spree.

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5. Customer care

If the customer does have a question or a complaint, make sure he can easily reach you the way he wants. More and more consumers use their mobile phone as their main point of contact. That includes contact with companies. That doesn’t only mean that consumers want to be able to call or email you, but consumers also expect to reach you through the many available chat apps. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, WeChat, and so on. If you want to get customer care right, you need to be available on all these channels. And you must be available instantly. To help you realise this, a smart omnichannel strategy with just the right channels is key. 

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