5 ways to improve your SMS campaigns

In spite of technological developments in mobile communications over the years, SMS remains a key player in communication due to the higher delivery rates of SMS compared to alternatives like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Push messaging. A couple of new developments make SMS campaigns even more valuable now.

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1. No SMS campaign without a clean database

A successful SMS campaign starts with the database. If you want to send personalised SMS campaigns, you’ll need to collect mobile numbers to add to your CRM. This means you need customer profiles that are as complete as possible, so you can target them with content of interest. With this, you can send targeted campaigns to the right receivers; for example based on gender or time since the last purchase. But don’t underestimate the importance of correct data. It is inevitable that some phone numbers are entered incorrectly or  consumers give you an invalid number. With Number Verifier, you will clean up your database in one simple action. This way, you’ll send cost efficient campaigns with a greater reach and a lower no-response rate. 

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2. Interaction with your SMS campaign

A successfully sent and received message is the basis of your SMS campaign. In many situations, you can improve the value of the campaign by offering receivers the possibility to react. With Two-way Messaging, your receivers can send a reply via SMS, for example with a question or an answer. Special numbers are available to facilitate two-way messaging. Offering this type of interaction contributes to customer involvement and allows you to receive valuable feedback about your brand, product and service. Another way to enable interaction, is adding web apps to your communication channels. This allows customers to interact with you via Facebook Messenger. But more about this later.

3. Push with SMS fallback

First, let’s look at another option of SMS. Even though SMS is the communication channel with the highest open rate (98% - with most messages read within a few minutes), it’s a good idea to look into the possibilities of Push. By sending Push messages to the users of your app, you can easily share your message with your target audience. Despite the lower costs of Push, you might not want to limit yourself to this channel. Customers or employees who are offline or are not using your app, will not receive your Push message. By choosing Hybrid messaging, these people will receive an SMS instead. This Push solution with SMS fallback, will give you the highest reach for the lowest cost. This can lead to significant savings, which has to be a good thing.

4. Integrate SMS in your customer care with GIN

As stated, there are more channels than just SMS to reach your customers effectively. There are various messaging apps available with which you can interact with customers and improve your customer care. Besides SMS, you can add channels like Facebook Messenger and Telegram to your customer care strategy. Thanks to customer contact tool GIN, the customer care tool will combine all your communication channels into one dashboard. From there, you can send and receive messages from all available channels, including Facebook Messenger and SMS. Depending on the situation, you can switch between these channels for a seamless customer care experience and enhance interaction with your customer.

5. Data for the best SMS campaigns

You’ve already read about how to improve the success of your SMS campaigns. But to see how successful your campaign really is, you need insight in the relevant data. With CM’s SMS Campaigns app, you can see all important data in one view. This overview contains important data like delivery and  conversion rates. With the built-in analytics, you can follow the live results and use these insights to further optimise your next SMS campaign.

The functionalities and features mentioned in this article are just a few of CM’s functionalities for sending SMS campaigns. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities or send your first SMS campaign right away. Register here to try it for free. 

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