8 ways SMS is making sense in businesses

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Sending SMS worldwide

Although still widely used by many, the personal use of SMS messages is declining. On the other hand, an increasing number of businesses and organisations are embracing Application to Person (A2P) and P2A sms messaging.

Penetrations of push messages

  • Push messages are sent to smartphones using mobile apps.
  • In general, 60% of all mobile phones worldwide are smartphones.
  • In Saudi Arabia, 3 in 4 phones are smartphones.
  • In Indonesia smartphone penetration lands at just 14%.

This means 40% cannot be reached with push messages.

Got the app?

Next to the smartphone, the user needs to have your app in order to receive your push message.

And what about SMS?

  • Received by smartphone and feature phone
  • No app needed
  • No extra permission needed for sending text messages.
  • Potential worldwide audience: 7,3 billion

Growth of SMS

It's fast, reliable and almost every mobile phone (there are more than 7,5 billion mobile connections these days) is capable of receiving a text message. You don't see that happening with chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat or Line.


Who benefits from SMS and how?

  1. Banks and financial organisations guarantee security with 2FA via SMS and strong customer authentication around login sessions and transactions.
  2. Healthcare: Hospitals reduce their no show rates with appointment reminders, pharmacies save costs on phone calls and efforts by texting patients that their medicines are ready to pick up at their pharmacy.
  3. Fundraising and charity apply SMS text messaging for seamless mobile payments and donations, even through emoji texting, like UNICEF does.
  4. Marketing departments use text messages to give out vouchers, coupons to attract audiences for discounts in physical stores.
  5. In media, radio and television broadcasters and programs extensively use SMS text messaging to let their audiences interact with programs through questionnaires and votings.
  6. Airlines, taxi companies and freight carriers use SMS text messaging to update customers and staff of gate changes, taxi arrivals and docking information. Logistics and travel manage critical business processes with text messaging.
  7. Retailers can attract extra customers by communicating with their audiences like promotional text messages for discounts and club cards, which drive customer loyalty and sales.
  8. For national and local governments, SMS is a necessity. Police use sms for alerts. Municipalities use SMS for reminders to citizens and for implement mobile payments in parking garages. 

Do you know a remarkable SMS application? Feel free to contribute in the comments sections. 

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