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A world of possibilities: Add rich mobile landing pages to your SMS Campaigns

Did you know that in 2017, mobile devices accounted for 50% of web page views worldwide? As such, it’s clear that mobile phones are a prominent part of every day life. Now, imagine adding a rich mobile landing page as an addition to your SMS campaigns, an opportunity to stand out from your competitors and increase your ROI.

Enhance your mobile engagement strategy with CM Pages. A mobile landing page solution which enables you to create mini mobile websites, all tailored to your needs. Whether it’s for marketing (fashion, travel, banking, education) or informational (product updates, online surveys) purposes, our versatile product helps you solve your mobile challenges in just a few clicks. Create a customer experience of the page just like your company website, no technical skills required.

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Pages creates a new world of possibilities

With Pages, you can create colourful mobile landing pages which can be used to inform and persuade your customers. The ability to add pictures, videos and QR codes can greatly benefit your business. Send discount codes to your customers and create personalised offers using merge tags. In the new version of pages, you can also add a survey or form, helping you gain valuable feedback from your customers.

Besides being able to create a page which perfectly fits your business proposition, you can also track multiple links and analyse the conversion of your page in detail. This provides a complete overview of your campaign’s engagement and gives you insights into the ROI of your landing pages.

How to get started?

You can add Pages to your CM account by downloading the app from our CM App Center. Start by creating your landing page using simple drag and drop logic, and add any of the below features:

  • Images
  • Text
  • Video
  • Buttons
  • QR and Barcodes
  • Merge tags for a personalised page
  • URL shorteners
  • Forms/surveys
  • Link multiple pages to click through

Once your landing page is built, you can send it via SMS Campaigns or our SMS API, to your selected target audiences.

If you need inspiration of what you can do within your industry, please have a look at our product page.

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