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ACTITO connects its customers to clients with CM's SMS and direct connections

Marketing software company ACTITO’s sends about a million SMS text messages each month for its customers. For its SMS marketing messages, ACTITO approached CM Telecom that provided it with direct and stable connections with various operators.

Marketing software

ACTITO provides multichannel relationship marketing software, accessible in the cloud. It provides solutions in customer lifecycle marketing, deploying acquisition, loyalty, cross selling, and welcome programs. These solutions are put in place by applying innovative, leading edge CRM marketing methods, enabling 1-to-1 interactive communications through multiple channels like paper, email, bulk SMS, and web. ACTITO seeks to work closely with clients, from developing the objectives and specifications of their marketing campaigns, to helping them make it happen and tracking the outcomes.

Data-centric marketing

ACTITO was founded in 2001, has offices in Belgium and France and serves customers worldwide, from Belgium to New Zealand and Bulgaria to France. ACTITO's team includes more than 60 marketing professionals with a strong experience in data-centric marketing. Among ACTITO’s customers are Carrefour, L’Oreal, Deutsche Bank, KIA Motors, RTL Belgium, ABB and Pfizer.

Country manager of ACTITO in Paris, Marc Désenfant, explains ACTITO's activities: “We are a software company and run marketing software that enables brands and their agencies to operate marketing channels. We provide a whole range of marketing functionalities through – for instance – direct marketing, multichannel, CRM, and SMS. We do this for a wide range of clients and customers.”


Communication purposes

Its clients connect to ACTITO using a web interface, which lets them setup and work in their own database using their own IT systems, but with ACTITO’s software. Through that CRM system a client like KIA Motors manages its marketing life cycles. “For KIA Motors, we handle marketing operations related to individuals, prospects and clients”, Mr. Désenfant explains. “KIA Motors sends automated messages to their customer containing targeted and personalised information like reminder for technical updates, new contracts and dealer visits. You can imagine that all our clients together send communications for a wide variety of purposes.”

ACTITO and CM Telecom

For its SMS marketing messages, ACTITO approached CM Telecom. Mr. Désenfant: “The challenge was connecting to various telecom operators to send out SMS messages with delivery guarantee as these are business critical communications. CM provides us with direct routes to various telco’s and stable, fast routes for critical messages. We are provided with direct routes and connections that allow us to carry out important communications for our clients.”

Direct and stable connections

ACTITO’s sends about a million SMS text messages each month for its customers. These kinds of numbers require a stable platform, a good service as well as competitive pricing. Mr. Désenfant: “But, not only budget reasons made us choose for CM. The fact that they have people in our countries Belgium and France, as well as the level of service they provide have lead to a good and close relationship between ACTITO and CM Telecom.” 

Jeremy Delrue, country manager of CM Telecom in France: "We're proud to work with ACTITO, build a strong and good relationship and to able to provide them what they need so they can grow their business. It's great to see CM Telecom has succesfully brought its services into France and bring local support."

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