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Apps World: Wearables and the value of personalised messages

The million-dollar question in successful and engaging wearables: Are brands ready for the data that come out of the wearables and apps used by people. And more important: how to keep your audience from abandoning your device?

Keynote speakers at Apps World answer valuable questions about engagement with wearables through messaging and interaction. "Because interactivity is key in creating an indispensable wearable device", Josh Shaeffer says. Mr. Shaeffer is Vice President of Business Development at Runtastic, the successful running app.

Keeping users is difficult

"Acquiring users for your wearable device or app is difficult. Keeping them might be even more difficult", he tells the audience at App World. "Personalised and well targeted messaging is a great feature which wearable and app owners can use to increase interactivity and engagement with their users. In doing so, messages going to your users have to personalised. You've got to test your messages and enrich them with media."

Messaging is a key feature

Messaging is and will be an even more important feature for communication with wearable users. Paul Berney sees the value of the push messaging that smartphones have. "But I think alerts for email message son your smartwatch are annoying. Breaking news headlines, hospital reminders... Do we really want to have those messages buzzing on our wrists?", he askes.

Serve before you sell

"Content is king", Denise Parkinson from Telegraph Media Group agrees. "How people use your app and which content they get come first. The rest comes second. Serve before you sell. Brands can use the data that comes out of the wearable and the app. But they have to be able to analyse the data in a proper way."


CM is exhibiting at Apps World. Meet us as stand 220.

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