By 2020, 90% of world’s population aged over 6 will have a mobile phone

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By 2020, 90% of world’s population aged over 6 will have a mobile phone

The latest Ericsson Mobility Report reveals 'the continuing dramatic spread' of mobile technology and makes a startling prediction.

According to the Ericsson report, 90% of people aged six years and over will have mobile phones by 2020, when the number of smartphone subscriptions is set to reach 6.1 billion.

The Ericsson Mobility Report is an analysis of data traffic available, providing in-depth measurements from the world’s largest selection of live networks spread all around the globe. The report uses those measurements and analysis, together with internal forecasts and other relevant studies, to provide insights into current traffic and market trends in today’s Networked Society.

On-going growth of mobile phone penetration

The report reveals the on-going growth of mobile phone penetration and adoption is not about to slow down. China and India mainly are responsible for the utterly dramatic growth in the number of mobile phone subscriptions. 

In total, by 2020, Ericsson predicts there will be at least 6.1 billion smartphone subscriptions globally. Right now, there are 2.7 billion, with an estimated 800 million added in 2014.

With people increasingly expecting innovative services and new advanced applications, next year will be an important milestone in the development of global mobile broadband communications.

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