CASE: DLGamer fights credit card fraud with CM’s SMS solution

DLGamer, a fully legal PC Game download site based in Paris (France) which sells all the new titles on PC and MAC, came up with an innovative way of preventing fraudulent purchases: SMS.

DLGamer fights credit card fraud with CM’s SMS solution

The company DLGamer sells PC and MAC software through various multi-lingual websites and has customers worldwide. The websites use a variety of payments method allowing visitors to purchase their games and software. One of those methods is the credit card.

No refund in case of fraud

French banks and insurance companies usually don’t refund in the case of a stolen credit card or credit card fraud. Hence an anti-fraud system is extremely important. DLGamer uses SMS and Voice-messages to verify buyer’s telephone numbers as an extra proof.

Anti-fraud system

If the DLGamer antifraud system flags a transaction as potentially fraudulent, it automatically sends an SMS or Voice message containing a verification code to the telephone number the buyer has registered with. The buyer needs to verify with that code. DLGamer uses that information to determine more precisely whether they are dealing with a real customer or a fraudulent attempt.

Matching information to prevent fraud

“SMS and Voice authentication alone can not be useful in this case”, says Jérôme Ansel of DLGamer. “We have to match the phone line information with all the other information about the current order to get a precise ‘fraud score’, which helps us to determine the case.”

Delivery rate and speed are key

Delivery rate and speed are important to DLGamer. “Our customers rely on receiving PIN codes fast. If they don’t, customers see it as a bad experience with our website. CM provides us a successful delivery rate and good prices. It’s a win-win situation”, Ansel finds. 

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