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Case Study: CM Analytics gives Talk360 direct insight into traffic and conversion rates

Call app Talk360 refers to itself as telco 3.0: the one and only global telecom provider. The concept was developed in 2009 by Hans Osnabrugge (CEO) and Wouter van den Berg (CMO) and launched in 2013.

The call app has since generated more than 4 million downloads and offers users a more affordable alternative when calling from abroad. New users register with the app, upload credit and can thenmake inexpensive international calls when abroad. The connection is made partly via the Internet and partly via the regular network.

Response to frustration

Talk360 was developed in response to frustration with high prices for international calls. Since Van den Berg and Osnabrugge believed that ‘there has to be a cheaper way’, they developed an app based on the notion that it should be easy to use by anyone, anywhere in the world. Talk360 became available in various app stores in 2012. Talk360 boasts 4 million downloads to date.


To give clients of CM, including Talk360, real-time access to the delivery times of their messaging services and any conversion rates this generates. The information should be visible at a single glance, which requires a structure that is both logical and simple.


Solution: CM Analytics, free analytics tool for CM clients

To offer fast and easy real-time insight into delivery times and percentages, as well as conversion rates, CM developed its own online tool called CM Analytics. Fast and transparent overview.

CM Analytics (CMA) can be accessed from any mobile or other web browser and is unique in that it offers aggregated data on SMS traffic and real-time trends in conversion rates, among other things. CM clients can use this real-time information to adapt their strategies in a timely and effective way. CMA provides information per period, per country and per operator.

This functionality provides an instant overview of how messaging traffic is processed. What CM Analytics actually does is summarise how the client’s company is performing and where it stands in this regard. If the Conversion API is implemented, CMA also displays conversions per country and for a specific period. The map view displays the performance of worldwide traffic to and from countries.



CM Analytics tells the Talk360 staff exactly where the SMS traffic is performing well and less well. “In the morning, I can see all traffic from the entire night at a single glance,” explains Geurtsen. “CM Analytics also enables us to quickly respond to issues currently being experienced. If we suddenly see a dip in the conversion rate of a country, we can respond immediately to the trend. Finding the cause of a problem quickly also means that a solution can be found immediatelyand fewer potential new users will have ‘problems’ with this issue, letting us convert more potential customers into paying customers.

"This not only saves us a lengthy search for possible causes, but also reduces the workload for the support department. And that saves us not only time, but improves the level of service offered to our end users. That is extremely important within the app world because a poorly functioning app can be deleted from a handset in only a few seconds. Nothing is more short-lived than a dysfunctional mobile app.”


  • Fast and real-time insight into delivery times and percentage and conversion rates
  • Free for all CM clients
  • Responsive web tool accessible on any type of device       
  • Real-time trend display

Cm analytics

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Cm analytics

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