Challenges and barriers in building mobile healthcare apps [VIDEO]

"Building a mobile healthcare app comes with various demands and conditions: do extensive research, be aware of the many stakeholders with political agendas, and be sensitive, knowledgeable, and understanding about privacy and security of personal data."

Inga Bergen MoComoments

Focus on prevention

Inga Bergen, CEO of welldoo, explains at MOCOMoments what the company does. welldoo works with insurance companies throughout Germany and Europe, among others, to enhance the health and quality of life of individuals through modern technologies. They build digital programs to help people achieve health goals, with a special focus on prevention.

Experienced team required

“Our tools are built by a team of psychologists, nutritional and sports scientists, service designers, and software developers and are based on scientific knowledge,” Mrs. Bergen explains. In order to be successful in building healthcare apps and programs, people should be extra focused on laws, rules, and user experience. “We see many start-ups in healthcare saying they will save their customers millions of dollar, without having done research to their markets and ignoring rules. In the end, they’ll probably fail.”

To get more insights on building mobile healthcare applications from welldoo’s Inga Bergen, watch the interview on MoCoMoments' YouTube channel

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