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Checklist customer care: Are you up to date?

Customer care has changed drastically over the last years. Where customers could traditionally reach customer care departments by calling them, the use of online platforms for customer contact is increasing rapidly. With customer care no longer limited to the call center, it's a challenge for companies to be present on all available platforms. Not to mention to adapt your services to the platform used. Use this checklist to ensure you are fully prepared for online customer care.

✔️ Tone of voice 

Which platform does your customers use to contact you? Are you offering customer care via messaging apps? With many different communication channels, come many different communication forms. For example, consider the difference between the more formal language used in emails and the more informal Facebook. Make sure your customer care agents are aware of these rules that belong to the different channels. Also, determine what tone of voice you will be using for each channel. You will need to make choices in the way you address customers (Mr. Smith/John), tone (Hi/Dear) and language use (I will try to find out what went wrong/Np, I’ll check). Even though your tone should always match your company identity, the tone may very well differ slightly per channel. For example, do you mention your name on social media like you do in email? 

✔️ Media

In spite of the direct contact you have in a telephone conversation with your customer, some things are easier to explain through social media. How helpful would it be if you can use social media channels like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to support complicated issues with visuals? Or to let your customer send you a picture to help him explain a broken part? The use of media in your customer contact may help you offer a more efficient service. Make sure you have useful visuals prepared so you can use this option to the fullest. 

✔️ Security

Be aware that you cannot safely send all data via social media channels. Facebook Messenger, for example, does not automatically encrypt your messages. This means you have to be careful sharing privacy-sensitive data. You do however have the possibility to start a ‘secret conversation’, to enable end-to-end encryption. This means your message will be encrypted when you send it, and decrypted when it reaches the receiver, making intercepted messages harder to decode.

Are you using an extra tool to streamline your communication, then always choose a partner that will handle your conversation data with the utmost care. Find out where they store this data. Are other parties involved? To limit all risks, choose a company that stores data on its own servers so this data is stored safe and secure.

✔️ Always everywhere

One of the main benefits of social media is that you can easily reach your customers through the accessible channels. However, this is also the downside. Because of social media, customers want to be able to easily reach you through the accessible channels. If you offer customer care via social media channels, you need to be aware that this is a dedicated choice. From now on, customers can send you messages at any time of the day and expect you to respond even outside of office hours. How do you make sure your customer feels heard? With Customer Contact, you can set up out-of-office notifications, to let you your customers know when they can expect a reply. You can also use Customer Contacts chatbots to answer customers on all connected communication channels. 

Use this checklist to ensure you have all the basics for customer care via social media and messaging apps.

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