‘Choose your audience, regardless of the technology’

“It’s not the mobile technology that counts; it’s the impact you realise, regardless of the technology or channel.” Success in mobile marketing and advertising is about achieving your objectives and KPI’s, says CEO and founder Mick Rigby of Yodel Mobile.

‘Choose your audience, regardless of the technology’

Yodel Mobile is a full service mobile advertising and marketing agency based in London and operating globally. Rigby started Yodel Mobile in 2007 in advance of Apple launching its first iPhone; back then Nokia and Blackberry ruled mobile.

Market has changed completely

Since then, the market has changed completely, Rigby says. “Back in those days consumers were using carrier portals when using mobile Internet there was no appconomy whatsoever and tablets didn’t even exist. Today we all carry a mini computer in our pockets 24 hours a day, we use it to check train delays, interact with friends on social platforms, buy stuff on the Internet and store our plane tickets.”

Both dynamic as inimitable

All these functionalities have led to a whole new market which today is both dynamic as inimitable for some. Companies that are working in the mobile advertising and marketing sector cannot afford to stand still. “Our sector is constantly on the move, there’s no such thing as a perfect mobile strategy because things tend to evolve rapidly”, Rigby says. “Not only are techniques constantly evolving, worldwide we see vast differences in hardware, software and demand. A mobile strategy could be a successful engager in North America, but could completely go unseen in African countries.”

Magic word

Targeting is the magic word. Rigby: “Pick your audience carefully, the ability to track mobile efficiently has only been here for 18 or 24 months, but already has proven to be very worthy. We can now track and target audiences and serve them more relevant content. For example: 80% of the apps downloaded are used only once, it seems advertising campaigns for downloading apps is just shooting without aiming. This is a complete waste of time, money and energy.”

Look beyond the horizon

Relevance is key. “It’s common-sense, if you want to sell an eBook, you should aim your campaign at those interested in books and technology. Unless your objective is to ‘blind reach’ a million people, the strategy will be useless and end up reaching nothing.” Another role for technology is being relevant, Push notifications are already proving to be extremely effective in engaging new and existing customers to use a service or make a purchase. However, because mobile is global and around the world technologies seem to vary, SMS too is an extremely effective mobile advertising and marketing tool. “Sometimes it is wise to put Push notifications and augmented reality aside. It sounds all great and innovative, but might not get you to the objectives. If it’s done properly, SMS can be incredibly effective. Combining the campaign in a multi channel solution is however by far the best solution.”

Still very young

If and when the evolving mobile strategies will stop expanding, is unknown. Rigby: “Maybe in five years, maybe in ten years, perhaps never, the possibilities are endless. There’s still a lot to explore, businesses are discovering what mobile can do for them. Mobile marketing as we know it is still very young.”


About Mick Rigby

Mick founded Yodel Mobile in 2007, the first specialist mobile marketing agency headquartered in the UK. Yodel Mobile is a strategically led full service agency that offers best in class strategy, development and delivery for organisations looking to incorporate mobile successfully into their business. Its clients include Kobo, The Daily Mail, IPC, Dennis Publishing, Hastings Direct, The Economist, Wall Street Journal and Sage.

Mick is passionate about mobile technology, especially how it can be used to enhance brand and consumer experiences.

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