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Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce the main focus during CM Inspires

Conversational Commerce will shape the future. But what does it mean and what can you do with it? On Thursday, 19 September the annual edition of CM Inspires took place. Speakers from Albert Heijn to go, Fit For Free and The Tosti Club entered the stage and gave a glimpse of their innovative applications for an optimal customer journey.

Conversational Commerce: from Conversation to Conversion

The way in which consumers deal with brands has changed drastically. This is how our CTO Jan Saan kicks off this edition of CM Inspires. They search, compare and buy on their mobile phone. But also communicating with brands has changed. Nowadays, communication also happens almost exclusively on mobile. Today, 5 billion people send messages via their mobile phone. The biggest channels today are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Instagram.

How do you, as a company, respond to this? This is where Conversational Commerce appears. Conversational Commerce means communicating with your customers through different channels. Add data and in-channel payment options here, and let your conversations end in successful conversions.

The Tosti Club

A good example of Conversational Commerce is the story of Jacco Heijkoop, founder of The Tosti Club. He talks about the maximum customer experience. He shows how The Tosti Club's toasted sandwiches - made from homemade wheat and homemade bread - are offered to the target group in an easy way. "If you fancy a sandwich but don't have much time, The Tosti Club offers the possibility to order your sandwich by mobile phone. All you have to do is scan or WhatsApp a QR code. The QR code can be found on the savings cards of The Tosti Club. A WhatsApp screen will automatically open with "Order" in the type bar. Click send, and the ordering process will continue. All this within your WhatsApp app. A payment screen appears next and as soon as you have paid, you will receive a confirmation by SMS ... within 30 minutes your delicious toasted sandwich is ready."

Tap to go

Another good example of Conversational Commerce was that of Gijs Jongma, product owner of the by now well-known AH Tap to go. In 2018, AH to go and started with a scoop; cashless shopping. The AH to go stores in Zaandam were provided with electronic shelf cards. Scan the electronic shelf cards with a tap card or mobile phone. Found everything you need? You just walk out of the store and continue your day. The amount is automatically debited from your bank account. Do your shopping within 20 seconds, all you have to do is register once in the app.

This innovation is designed with customer needs in mind; speed and convenience. In addition, it contributes to a personal message. The app has built-in algorithms that can be used to make an inventory of what you are buying. During the next visit at the AH to go store, the app ensures that personalized offers are available for each customer. "Hyper-personalisation", says Jongma.

Fit For Free

The last speaker was Group Head IT from FitforFree and SportCity, Danny Groenenboom. They too are committed to an optimal customer journey. With 120 fitness clubs and around 400,000 members, every customer journey is different. A lot of data is collected for this purpose. The personalised data determines which expressions they can best use during the customer journey. The goal is to add more value for the members, and maintain their fitness subscription.

Key takeaways

After these inspiring stories, CTO Jan Saan summarizes the afternoon. Conversational Commerce becomes indispensable in customer communication. What are the key takeaways?

  • Conversational Commerce is driven by the behaviour of consumers. This behaviour is changing, and companies need to keep up with it.
  • It is expected that 85% of the customer interaction will be automated by 2020.
  • Companies will have to look again at their way of customer communication and restructure it.
  • Communicate through the channels that your target group prefers. This also applies to the payment methods.
  • Delivering good and personal content is very important for an optimal customer experience..
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