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CM introduces new visual identity and website

This week, CM launched a new visual identity and a new website. The old logo was changed for a more connected look, and the website’s usability was improved. Now, it is even easier to reach your audience with our solutions for Text, Talk, Pay and Access.

Old versus new

The first change you will notice, is our new logo. Joris van der Waart (CMO): “The previous logo had an industrial and technical feel to it. The CM letters were built from separate pieces. In our new logo, these letters are connected in one fluent movement.”



And with our new positioning, our mission is given more attention in our new pay-off. Joris: “Be part of it! This sentence explains who we are, why we are here and what we can mean for people and companies.” "With our new brand identity, our customers can recognise CM's role in the connected mobile ecosystem more easily and feel like they are really part of it" says James Bayhack, CM South Africa's Country Manager.

A new website for more than SMS

Even though bulk SMS is still an essential part of our service, the CM portfolio has grown dramatically the past few years. “CM has become a true mobile enabler that offers services through the whole mobile spectrum. This is why the addition ‘Telecom’ will no longer be used. We are more than just a telecom company.”

That also means the old domain no longer suits us. Therefore, all our domains have been migrated to the new domain name of CM: This also has some consequences for the positioning of our products on the website. Now, you can easily find our products under the headings: Text, Talk, Pay and Access. And since we’ve made this first step in improving the website’s usability, we also made many other improvements - a completely new website with a direct connection to your account on the CM Platform. This will offer you a seamless experience between products and platforms. 

The future

In the upcoming period, our identity - and specifically our new logo with the pay-off “Be part of it”- will appear more often. For example, the logo has already been presented on the new shirts of the Dutch football league team NAC Breda, of which CM is the proud main sponsor. But the visibility or our logo will also be promoted via our international network and offices.

We're always improving the usability and design of our website and platform. We are convinced that these improvements will make our platform better and faster. That said, we're always open for other improvements and your feedback. Please contact us to tell what we can improve for you, we'd love to hear your story!

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