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CM launches real-time text messaging analytics tool

CM Telecom has launched the public beta of CM Analytics, a responsive web tool that provides CM’s customers real-time insights in messaging traffic and conversions.

Mobile Messaging Analytics

CM Analytics GIF

CM Analytics (CMA) is accessible from every (mobile) web browser and is unique in its kind as it offers aggregated insights in SMS messaging traffic, is transparent and presents real-time trends in traffic and conversion so customers can adjust their strategy on time. Mobile Messaging customers who are using SMS Analytics are able to monitor and track traffic in real-time, dividable per countries, periods and operators. The text message analytics dashboard shows which messages are delivered to which country and through which telecom operator the traffic flows.

SMS marketing campaign insights

Customers using Analytics for messaging and SMS marketing campaigns can easily perceive trends in their traffic and, in case they’re using the Conversion API, monitor conversion per country in a specific time period. CM Analytics furthermore shows how routes and operators are performing. A map overview within Analytics shows in a glance which countries perform well or poor. Implementing the Conversion API lets customers perceive conversions.

CM Analytics is easy to understand and orderly provides information on traffic, delivery rate, delivery time and conversion. It can therefore be used in internal presentations or business meetings to explain customers or colleagues how messaging traffic flows through the system.

Accessible to every CM customer

The new monitoring and analytics tool saves customers time and prevents them from going through single messages that may or may not be delivered. In a glance it shows which countries and/or operators have trouble processing worldwide sms messaging services.

CM Analytics is so powerful and easy-to-use, even other large worldwide sms aggregators use CM Analytics to monitor their processes. And the best of it all: it’s completely free of charge for our customers.

Worldwide monitoring of messaging traffic and events


Six Number Validation API’s

Next to CM Analytics, CM Telecom provides 6 Number Validation API’s that close the loop if it comes to efficient and successful messaging processing. The Number Validation API’s enable businesses to get information about the validity of a user’s phone number and to know the details behind every phone number and help businesses reducing undelivered messages and prevent fraud.

1.    GEO-IP: country lookup

2.    Format lookup: Telephone number (local) format validation

3.    Number Lookup: Does it exist, what’s the operator?

4.    User validation with One Time Password message

5.    Voice call OTP back-up

6.    Close the loop: Conversion

Understanding processes

CM Analytics and our 6 API’s about understanding what’s going in your processes, reacting and adjusting accordingly and preventing undeliverable messages and fraud. They help you understand your processes thoroughly and adjust immediately, if necessary. They are also about eliminating unnecessary processes, simplifying proceedings and about automation.

As CM Analytics is a public beta, we’re still working on improvements. This version of CM Analytics however, will already let you do things faster, more efficient and gives you Mobile Messaging insights that matter.

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