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CM Payments’ Group Collection unburdens NAC Breda finance

Collecting money from season ticket holders of NAC Breda, a soccer team in the Dutch Jupiler League, was a lot of work for their finance department. By using CM Payments’ Group Collection product, they have significantly reduced their workload.

CM Payments, our online payments platform is lead sponsor of NAC, which is supported by a large group of very loyal fans who keep supporting the team despite the fact that in 2015 NAC relegated to the so called Jupiler League, the second tier division in the Netherlands. The sale of seasons tickets still soared.

Real-time dashboard

Group Collection by CM Payments, founded in 2015, offers NAC a real-time dashboard showing successful transactions and ones that failed. With Group Collection the finance department of NAC can instantly see which transactions have succeeded or need a retry. NAC offers their supporters the possibility to pay in multiple payment terms. "Previously a lot of time was spent preparing files for collecting payment and sorting out reversals", says NAC’s financial controller Edgar Mol. "We had to divert the downloads from the ticketing system to a readable document, process the details of reversals coming from the bank and call people whose transactions were unsuccessful."

'Definitely saves us time'

With the real-time monitoring of Group Collection, all that work is now history. “I cannot express it yet in terms of money, but Group Collection definitely saves us a lot time and money spent on following-up reversed or failed transactions”, Edgar Mol states.

Xander de Jong, product manager for Group Collection at CM: "Sometimes a direct debit fails, which can be caused by insufficient funds or other issues on an bank account. The system processes the status of the payment on each season ticket for NAC. The real-time dashboard displays in red or green which payments have succeeded or failed."

'Alternative to debt collector agencies'

“Group Collection comes in very handy, especially for sports clubs like NAC”, Xander continues. “Of course they need their revenue stream, but also are obliged to maintain a strong relationship with their supporters and members. Group Collection offers an alternative to having to use unpopular debt collections agencies.”

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