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CM’s SIP Trunking connects market researcher Global Data Collection Company

Call centre GDCC performs high-quality phone fieldwork for consumers and companies and has extensive experience in interviewing respondents in different sectors. GDCC opted for SIP Trunking from CM because of the dynamic collaboration, strong routing and short communication lines between GDCC and CM.


Market researcher and call centre GDCC (Global Data Collection Company) performs market research on behalf of global clients. The company, a call centre in the heart of Rotterdam where about 500 people work in three locations, specialises in outbound market research.

The 500 GDCC employees collect data about specific markets. GDCC performs a lot of this work for consultants and research firms. They approach GDCC with the request to collect information for them. Starting in 2013, the Rotterdam company also operates from Istanbul and recently now has an office in London.

The company focuses on phone fieldwork in the Information Technology sector, for Fast Moving Consumer-Goods companies and for the pharmaceutical and financial industries. The GDCC vision is more to do with providing high-quality interviews than really focusing on certain industries.


GDCC sought a partner that could quickly provide the company with a network capable of processing outbound phone traffic in the transition from a traditional ISDN network to calling based on (S)IP connections. The larger telecoms operators were not an option due to the size of those companies. The large size of these companies makes them slower than their smaller competitors, which impacts the level of service. Generally, this large size leads to a slow response to technical malfunctions. Apart from this, GDCC services also require high quality routing. And, price also plays its part in selecting a new partner.


GDCC chose CM because of the high speed at which the Voice SIP Trunking team operates, and the routing options that CM can provide. “The CM team showed that they could take immediate action”, said Kees-Jan Mars, GDCC General Manager.

“The SIP Trunking solution of CM provides us with many advantages”, said Kees-Jan Mars. “It was more than just price. CM is a specialist in intelligent routing of call traffic to more than 240 countries worldwide. CM does not just choose the best price, but also the best connection quality so that calls are initiated rapidly without problems and the sound quality is optimal. The SIP Trunking team demonstrates expertise and pragmatism.”

CM account manager and SIP Trunk specialist, Sven van Gurp: “In opting for CM, GDCC realised considerable savings, but CM also helped and supported GDCC during the technical migration from their current telecom solution to SIP. Collectively working on the challenges helped GDCC get matters settled faster and better.

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More on sip trunking

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