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The greatest innovations at MWC 2019

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is jam-packed with mobile innovations. Here, I would like to highlight those trends and innovations that stood out most, kicking it off with a much expected 'mobile gadget'.

Foldable phones

Though it is not the first time we’ve seen the mobile phone, the reveal of Huawei’s foldable Mate X definitely caused a few dropping jaws. After years and years of smartphone releases that all more or less look alike, we are now seeing a real change in smartphone design.

The foldable smartphone promises to improve the consumer experience and the ease of use of mobile. As a result, mobile will play an even bigger role in people’s lives that it already does. But enough said, I understand you just want to see this foldable phone in action. Watch it here!

Vascular-unlock with Time of Flight

Yes, you read that right. LG demonstrated a new and safer way of biometric identification, used to secure your phone by ‘reading’ the veins in your hand. Though biometrics such as fingerprints and face-recognition are already quite common, LG now states to have found a safer way of identification. How? By recognizing the unique pattern of veins in your hand.

The new LG phone, the G8 ThinQ, uses the so-called Time of Flight sensor (ToF) to measure the distance between objects in a 3D atmosphere. So even underneath your skin. This way, your hand replaces your password, unlocking your phone by simply waving your hand over its front camera. This not only improves security, but this sensor is also used to enable hand gestures to control your device.

5G internet

Of course, this innovation could not miss in this list. 5G is subject to lots of discussion, with a great list of pros and cons. Still, from the many phones presented at MWC, for example by Nokia, Huawei and Xiaomi, it becomes clear that phone developers still have faith in the worldwide adaptation of 5G. And even now that 5G is not yet in use, we’ve already heard people talking about 6G.

5G is now in the testing phase, rolling it out in some early stage markets. But even though technique is ready, many operators are still not sure of the business case for 5G. According to some, 5G will be in use by the next MWC in 2020. But just how this next big thing in mobile will evolve, future will tell. 

Conversational Commerce

The main trend in mobile communication is, without a doubt, Conversational Commerce. Conversational Commerce is the key to success for any company communication with its customers. Mobile leads the way! The way today's customers interact with brands is fundamentally shifting. Customers find, compare, and buy on their mobile phones.

The promise of Conversational Commerce is to be exactly where your customers are. A successful implementation of Conversational Commerce will lead to more sales, higher customer satisfaction and more loyalty.

Find out more about Conversational Commerce here >

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