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8 Tips to build an active audience on WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp has an engagement rate of over 70%. This makes WhatsApp an exceptionally valuable channel to build a relationship with your customers or clients. But how do you ensure people know you're available on this popular messaging channel? This article shares some tips on generating an audience on WhatsApp and optimising the customer experience.

1.Share your WhatsApp number on your website's customer contact page.

Sharing your WhatsApp number encourages users to use the platform for communication. Including the details on your contact page ensures users are aware and can easily find this platform as your contact option.

2.Ask customers to opt-in for order or status notifications by sharing an opt-in link in your status or order confirmation email (remember, you can only send them notifications once they have opted in to receive them).

Status notifications allow you to keep your customers up to date. Make sure the link is visible and that customers are aware of the benefits of opting in. 

3.Offer WhatsApp-exclusive content.

This is a great way to highlight the benefits of joining your business on the platform and to keep customers engaged. Whether it's early access to sales or WhatsApp exclusive offers - exclusivity is a huge driving factor in client retention and engagement.

4.Attach QR codes to opt-in for notifications in your brick and mortar store or office.

QR codes are easily generated online and can be placed at various points in your brick and mortar to encourage opt-ins. Consider placing them in a sales section or even at the end of the sale where your staff can quickly explain the process and benefits of opting in. 

5.Print QR codes to your WhatsApp channel on your receipts and invoices.

In South Africa, it's common for people to keep receipts for tax or consolidation purposes. Ensure your code travels with the customer by adding it to the receipts. If you're on the eco-friendly route and prefer to email receipts and invoices to your customers, remember to include the code in a visible area of the email.

6.Offer a discount for the next purchase by opting in for notifications.

This is a great way to encourage excitement around opting in. If you sell subscription-based products or services, you can offer a discount on the next repeat or even provide a discount on a new product to introduce your customers to products they might like. 

7.Show the WhatsApp logo on your website, directing customers in need of help to this channel first.

The WhatsApp logo is easily recognisable and can function as a call to action perfectly for visitors on desktops via WhatsApp Web or on mobile via the standard app. 

8.Most importantly: truly help your customers with personalised and timely answers to any question they may turn to your customer care team via WhatsApp.

Unlike standard support emails and phone calls, WhatsApp is a place of personalisation where people expect to be engaged with in a friendly, helpful and humanly manner. Ensure your customer care team is trained in a way that supports these expectations whilst, of course, staying true to your brand tone. 

Opt-in for the WhatsApp Business solution

If you want to use the WhatsApp Business solution to respond to incoming messages and send out notifications actively, you need an opt-in. Before you send messages to your customers, they must first consent to receive WhatsApp messages with an active opt-in. This opt-in must be done via a third-party channel. This can be any channel you already use to communicate with your customer, for example, your company website, app, email, SMS, store, etc. Read all about how to get a valid WhatsApp opt-in.

When you're hoping for many opt-ins, it is essential to clearly state what type of messages and frequency your subscribers will be receiving messages from you. If you want to lower the threshold to share a personal phone number (and not unimportant, abide by the legislation), offering an easy opt-out option is essential.

And, of course, none of this is possible without integrating with the WhatsApp Business solution. If you're looking to get started with the WhatsApp Business API, you need a solution provider to connect you to the WhatsApp Business solution.

Request access to the WhatsApp Business API here

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Request access to the WhatsApp Business API here

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