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How to reduce appointment no shows with SMS or Push reminders

It's no secret that missed appointments are a frustration for every business. The success of your business, whether it be a beauty salon, dental practice or restaurant, depends on your customers.

And while customers have many reasons to miss an appointment or reservation, one of the most popular reasons is that they simply forget. So in a time of information overload, it's no secret how valuable and effective appointment reminders can be. 

Do SMS reminders work?

Over 90% of customers will read a text message within the first minute its received, making it the perfect last-minute reminder method. Integrating appointment reminders into existing customer workflows will not only reduce the number of no-shows but further increase customer loyalty. SMS appointment reminders in all sectors

Many hospitals, dental practices and doctors rooms utilise SMS appointment reminders. Each message can contain relevant information, for example, not to eat after midnight on the night before the operation. This way, the appointment has been brought to the patient's attention, and he or she is prepared for the appointment. As a result, the number of no-shows has been drastically reduced in healthcare. But other sectors, such as banks, hairdressers and lawyers, also benefit from this user-friendly way of bringing appointments to customers' attention.

If you'd like to reach your target audience effectively and quickly, the easiest way is via bulk SMS. Our online interface offers an easy way to send SMS via an intuitive online interface - no developers needed. Send SMS messages to individuals or groups and allow them to send confirmation or cancel replies. Therefore, many companies, whether large or small, already use the same technology to send appointment reminders via SMS and thus reduce the number of no-shows.

Have a business app? With the CM Messaging API built into your app, you're able to send confirmations and reschedule appointments with ease. That's not all; use push messaging to deliver your message at half the price of SMS. If your customers don't have the app installed, we'll simply send them an SMS via our SMS fallback option.

Ready to start using SMS appointment reminders online?

Try our Send messages app for SMS appointment reminders and get ten complimentary SMS messages. You'll soon discover how easy it is to inform your customers with SMS.

You'll soon discover how easy it is to inform your customers with SMS.

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You'll soon discover how easy it is to inform your customers with SMS.

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