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How WhatsApp Chatbots For Insurance can Improve Lead Quality and Customer Service

In the face of growing competition in the insurance sector, insurers are finding it difficult to attract and retain customers due to extended waiting times. Every day, the insurance industry handles millions of queries about policy terms and conditions, account updates, claims to process, and so forth.

Delivering excellent customer service and communicating real value to each customer becomes very difficult as the customer support team can only cater to so many queries at a time. As a result, customers have to wait for extended periods, leading to prospects and customers dropping off or switching to competitors.

Insurers are increasingly implementing WhatsApp chatbots to streamline their customer experience and automate many service offerings. As WhatsApp is widely used by consumers and agents alike, WhatsApp chatbots for insurance can make a world of difference in improving the overall customer experience.

Why WhatsApp Chatbot for the Insurance Industry

The over-crowded insurance sector today is grappling with many issues such as mounting pressure to speed up processes, improve customer experiences, and at the same time reduce expenses.

Simply put, a WhatsApp chatbot for insurance facilitates customers to get their queries answered, resolve issues, and submit claims via the WhatsApp messaging app. Here are five creative use cases in which a WhatsApp Chatbot can benefit the insurance industry.

1. Lead Generation and Qualification

Using a WhatsApp Chatbot for insurance, you can collect a customer’s name and contact details, as well as any other information that would benefit the sales process. The system automatically captures and saves this information for future use - provided a valid opt-in is obtained. Similarly, a WhatsApp chatbot is a great solution to qualify leads by requesting information such as monthly income. This way, your agents can spend less time qualifying and more time selling.  

2. Explaining Policy Information

Using Interactive Messages features in combination with rich media enables insurance businesses to share valuable product brochures, as well as policy documents in the form of buttons, PDFs, and videos. Therefore, rather than broadcasting one-way information to them as you would normally experience on a website, your chatbot can engage in a two-way conversation, and, if the need arises, the conversation can be handed over to a human agent at any time. 

3. Quick Document Submission 

A WhatsApp Chatbot for insurance automates the process of collecting documents, such as proof of address, income, and identification. When buying or renewing a policy, these documents are required, and by making use of a Chatbot, customers can easily scan and send all their documents with peace of mind knowing conversations are protected by end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp. 

4. Personalised Reminders and Alerts

For those policyholders who don’t prefer a recurring debit order, relevant notifications via WhatsApp can help them make payments on time. Furthermore, they will be pleased to receive alerts regarding policy maturity, policy claims, and dividends. 

Consequently, reminders can be customised for each recipient in terms of time and content. 

5. Claim Process Assistance 

Insurance claims can take a toll on customers due to lengthy procedures. Many customers feel unsatisfied with the assistance received and the delay in claim processing. This can be undertaken by a WhatsApp chatbot to avoid any delays or other complications. 

WhatsApp Chatbots in Action

Onlia Customer Story

The ambition to offer a distinctive range of online car and home insurance products in the Canadian market led to the launch of Onlia a few years ago. Onlia, backed by Achmea and Canadian financial services provider Fairfax, innovates in several ways, including the telematics-based app Onlia SenseTM. To optimise communication with customers, Onlia uses an AI-powered Chatbot.  

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onlia brand laptop

Aynjil Cancer Insurance Customer Story

Automated workflow processes, made possible by Mobile Marketing Cloud, mean that email notifications can be sent out immediately if a user completes or abandons the Aynjil sign-up form. During the sign-up process, opt-ins are gathered, and the system records whether clients would like to receive updates on WhatsApp. If they do, the workflow triggers a WhatsApp message. If they don’t, the workflow triggers an email – all without staff intervention.

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