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Introducing one mobile platform for cloud communications

Sms is not the only way to send a short message or a large batch of messages quickly from A to B. Other forms of mobile messaging have arisen at the time of the launch of the smartphone somewhere in 2006.

Since Neil Papworth sent his first text message in 1992, messaging has irreversibly changed. How do we respond to these changes? We've launched one platform for various cloud communications.

One platform

The popularity of push messages is increasing by its simplicity and, of course, the (low) cost. Not only messages are processed mobile. Mobile also has huge growth in the number of payments, also via SMS. Besides SMS payments, it is possible to purchase via mobile websites and in-app purchases.

Where different platforms handled all those opportunities in the past, CM now offers a single platform that can process millions of messages and payments per day. This also applies to SMS and push messages, which were initially processed by different platforms.

One platform, more benefits

That single platform now processes all transactions and messages and therefore offers several advantages. For example, users of the CM platform easily plug into it: they connect via an API to the CM platform. Users can use all its functionalities like real-time logging and analytics.

Another advantage is that the platform has the intelligence to calculate the fastest and easiest route for the transaction, message or payment. If a customer wants to send a message to an end-user, the system determines whether it will be sent as a push message or a text message. 

In addition, the platform also assesses whether any appropriate app is installed and mobile data is available. If not, messages are sent as SMS.

The so-called 'logic' in the platform at any time knows what to do with messages and what is going on. It 'thinks' about what is the best way for clients to deliver messages. The logic decides how, when, for what price and functionality the message can best be delivered on mobile devices.

Retry service

The so-called 'logic' in the platform sees whether the message has been delivered or not. In case of a 'failed delivery', customers can choose whether the platform retries to deliver the message after a certain time again or sends it through alternative methods, such as app notifications, OTT message or voice message.

The platform shows all activities. All users can create and monitor their traffic - through whatever channel - and adjust if necessary.

Direct connections

Direct connections with mobile operators, OTT providers, and APP clouds worldwide are recommended for these types of communication. CM has partnered up with more than 65 operators and suppliers, allowing messages for all possible channels to be delivered faster and more secure.

Hybrid Messaging

For example, an app owner who sends push messages via the CM platform can deliver the messages via SMS if the app is unattainable. This guarantees that the delivery of content is appealing to, for instance, critical business communications. It also provides a cost advantage because parts of the batches are sent via push messaging, which is cheaper than SMS. All traffic - via bulk SMS or push - is to be monitored and managed via logging. Push messages in Hybrid Messaging are also encrypted and masked.

Future proof

Will SMS be around for long? We think so and increasingly combined with other ways of 'messaging'. 

  • Using the platform guarantees quick switches when needed. 
  • You can quickly utilise new technologies and suppliers in the market. 
  • You do not need to have all those connections to maintain communications; we will do that for you. 
  • In addition, our customers do not have to worry about capacity and availability.
connects tens of thousands of companies with millions of consumers via their mobile phone each day. Behind the scenes, from our innovative platform, CM makes sure companies can use these millions of messages, phone calls and payments to become part of people’s lives.

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