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The KLM Open: sell 50.000 tickets in 30 seconds

The 100th edition of the KLM Open golf tournament, also known as the Dutch Open will take place from 12 to 15 September 2019. With 50,000 expected visitors, ticket sales and entrance control should run as smoothly as possible. We talked about this with Demi Schreuder, Project Manager at TIG Sports, who has been organising the KLM Open for the past 16 years. With their innovative approach, nothing should stand in the way of a successful golf event.

Ticket sales in 3 steps

Ticket sales for the KLM Open must be easily accessible. First of all, the ticket shop must be easy to set up by TIG Sports, in accordance with the KLM Open branding. But ticket sales should also be as simple as possible, especially for the customer. Buying a ticket in 3 steps, that's what it's all about. Many ticket shops require visitors to create an account. At the KLM Open, these and other unnecessary steps have been eliminated.

Faster process without login

Demi: "We wanted to speed up the process and increase conversion. If it's easier to buy your ticket, more people will continue to do so. The login still caused a lot of people to exit. So that step has been removed."

Remembering a password for an account that you use once a year is not exactly easy. Instead, TIG Sports sends everyone who visited the KLM Open last year an invitation to revisit the event. Through a personal URL, interested parties enter the ticket shop where all known information is filled in beforehand. This includes, for example, name and e-mail address. The number of tickets ordered last year is also pre-populated. The customer can check their details, change them and buy new tickets.

Together with an innovative player like TIG Sports, who knows the market like no other, the KLM Open is a wonderful event to show what's possible.

Mobile first tickets

In a confirmation email from our Email Campaigns tool, the buyer receives his ticket(s). The role that mobile plays for the consumer is of course taken into account. When he or she opens the tickets on their phone, they open as mobile tickets. If the email is opened on Desktop, it will be shown as a printable PDF.

In this way, TIG Sports responds intelligently to the wishes of the modern customer. Demi: "One day before the event, the buyer also receives an e-mail with the latest information. In this way, the visitor always has the most up-to-date information at hand."

This is just part of the mobile solutions TIG Sports uses to optimise the ticketing process for the KLM Open. Read the full success story here!

Read the full story here

To the use case

Read the full story here

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