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Meet our Techno Girl Interns: Documentary Episode 3

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been following Jennifer and Pertunia, our South African interns, during their internship at CM in Breda. In our last episode they shared their experience travelling abroad for the first time and we could see how they were adapting to a new culture and learning Dutch skills. This week we took them to a soccer match at NAC Breda.

Techno Girls is an initiative started in 2005 by UNICEF in partnership with the South Africa’s Department of Education, The Minister of Women in the Presidency, the Department of Education, the State Information Technology Agency and Uweso Consulting. The Techno Girl programme is giving girls in South Africa the opportunities they need to build careers in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

As part of the strategic partnership with UNICEF, two young South African developers are doing their internships at CM's Dutch headquarters in Breda.

In Episode 3 of our documentary UNICEF representative Janneke Niessen explains more about the initiative and the impact it has on young girls: “We are very happy with a partner such as CM, and to see they’ve brought 2 girls to The Netherlands for an internship. This will influence the girls for the rest of their lives.”

CM auctioned off their NAC soccer sponsorship for 1 day, where all proceeds were donated to the UNICEF Techno Girl initiative. After the auction the girls were invited to experience a soccer match at NAC Breda.

Want to follow the girls adventure in the Netherlands? You can follow them on Instagram here.

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