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Mobile Convention Paris: Privacy and security in a mobile-only ecosystem

Has our focus on mobile features put privacy and security in the backseat, while mobile usage continues to grown beyond app usage?

Forrester’s Thomas Husson and security expert Kimo Quaintance delivered some remarkable content to think about during the first edition of Mobile Convention Paris. Over 60 visitors and partnering, well-known brands like UserADgents, Actito, Ocito, MMA en Ipdirections attended the keynotes by both gentlemen.

Beyond apps

Vice president and principal analyst of Forrester Thomas Husson sees the mobile usage to go beyond apps. To win, serve and retain (new) customers on through mobile, businesses are obliged to setup mobile moments, not only through their own channels but also partner apps, like Siri and Cortana, for instance.

Key enabler

Mr. Husson: “Mobile is and will remain a key enabler to activate new brand experiences. In the next two years, responding to ‘mobile moments’ will be key to unlocking IoT experiences. In the next five years, anticipating ‘mobile moments’ will unify connected experiences. In the longer term, creating invisible ‘mobile moments’ will deliver magical experiences.  

'The beginning of something huge'

Kimo Quaintance at Mobile Convention Paris

Mr. Quaintance states that the mobile ecosystem is on the beginning of something huge. “In 2012, people we’re very much aware of their online and mobile presence in combination with their privacy and online security. Today, however, that’s starting to shift: nowadays we want our mobile devices to watch and truck us everywhere in exchange of smart services and maximum usability. Soon, my mobile phone will make a reservation for my favourite restaurants and even orders me a self-driving taxi to get there.”

Tips for preventing hacks

Despite this development Mr. Quaintance shares some fast tricks to prevent online accounts from being hacked and breached:

Mr. Quaintance furthermore argued that in the future, every company must become an education company. Learning and teaching are what drive innovation, customer engagement, and adaptation to disruptive technology, and are what allow organizations to become living, breathing organisms capable of growth and change.

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