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Mobile is Disruption: Healthcare next big victim of mobile disruption

Of all the global industries, the healthcare sector will ‘suffer’ the most from mobile disruption. Today, innovations are coming to healthcare in dribs and drabs, as faster data connections launch, the process will speed up.

Although the sector has proved it’s working on more efficiency and cost-effectiveness, healthcare is known as the vertical that is falling back if it comes to disruptive methods that change the way people work and interact in healthcare.

Severe regulation

Ralph de la Vega of AT&T, Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson and Brian Krzanich of Intel agree that the healthcare sector is the vertical that is most sensitive for mobile disruptions. Strong regulations are the underlying factor that disrupting the healthcare sector has been slow so far, Ericsson’s CEO says at the panel ‘mobile is Disruption’.

Introducing 5G

The three panel members unanimously agree healthcare will be the next largest victim of mobile disruption. This will happen when telecom operators introduce ways to communicate faster to the public. “5G, the successor of 3G and 4G, will bring possibilities to transfer large amounts of data from one point to another”, Mr. Krzanich explains. “The goal is to build more powerful hardware and technology. In order to be a disrupter, you must be connected in a fast way. 4G is good, but 5G will make more possible.”


Not only regulations have been stopping mobile technology to set foot in healthcare. Security and privacy are big issues if it comes to mobilising healthcare. “Security and privacy are on the top of the priority list.”, Mr. De la Vega says. “You need fast 5G connections to secure large amounts of data and apply end-to-end encryption. If were going to connect lots of things in a secure way, you need a fast network.”


Although opinions slightly differ, fast connections with 5G come to the public somewhere in 2018, the panel expects.

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