Mobile moments are the new competitive battleground

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Mobile moments are the new competitive battleground

Mobile Messaging has become the primary channel for marketers to drive engagement and mobile moments with new and pre-existing customers and to boost revenues. That emerged from Forrester research published recently.

Forrester explains in their report that mobile messaging creates mobile moments and the ability to serve customers proactively in their moment of need. “Mobile messaging improves revenue, customer engagement, and satisfaction with products and services while often lowering operational costs.”

Mobile messages are essential

The research is titled ‘Create Mobile Moments with Messaging' and is co-authored by Julie Ask who also co-authored the book The Mobile Mind Shift. This book underscores the need for marketers and their organizations to get up to speed on mobile quickly as customers increasingly see receiving mobile messages as essential. 

'They understand, but can't execute'

“I believe that marketers understand, but can't execute,” said Ms. Ask, vice president and principal analyst for eBusiness and channel strategy in a conversation with Mobile Marketer. “Their companies don't have the organisations, technology or processes in place to execute on using messaging well to win, serve and retain customers in their mobile or micro mobile moments.”

49% of marketers use SMS

49% of marketers reported using SMS in Forrester’s second-quarter Global Mobile Executive Online Survey. 33% reported using push notifications. And too much of that usage is in the traditional upper funnel, according to the latest report. The majority of the sent text messages is usually text, while marketers should not overlook to send images, colours, voice messages and sounds.

The report lays out the opportunities to use mobile messaging as well as how to use the IDEA cycle to identify the most important moments and tactics so you can use messaging to its full potential. It can be purchased through the Forrester website.

Watch Forresters' Thomas Husson presentation about The Mobile Mindshift during Mobile Convention Amsterdam 2014.


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