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It was only three years ago that Google's Trends tool showed almost no interest in Black Friday for the South African market. Search queries increased just before Black Friday in 2015 and skyrocketed at the end of October in 2016.

This not only indicates that Black Friday's popularity is exploding each year, but that the interest in Black Friday also starts much earlier during the year.

Planning is key

According to CNBC Africa, food retailer Checkers was the first to bring Black Friday to South Africa. "A lot of planning involved to get it done but it certainly surprised us last year, we had more than 1 million customers through the doors, so it went incredibly well and this year we have brought it back and hopefully a bit bigger and better", says Neil Schreuder, Marketing Director at Checkers.

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Millions of extra customers, but what about customer service?

With millions of extra customers visiting (Web)stores, naturally comes increased customer care challenges. It's no secret the modern customer expects 24/7 service, omni-channel integration and accuracy, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, what will you do to stay ahead of the customer first curve?

Be where your customers are With the explosive growth in the number of communication tools, it's becoming harder for companies to be reachable on each of them. Ensuring you've got one platform that streamlines customer questions, demands, complaints and compliments, is what will set you apart from the rest.

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This Black Friday, make sure you've got yourself and your (Web)store covered with an easy-to-use and multi-channel customer service application, like CM Customer Contact, a product.

With CM Customer Contact, companies can communicate with all customers on all channels via one dashboard. This allows you to chat with customers via, amongst others, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (coming soon), WeChat, SMS, Telegram and e-mail. Moreover, this new customer contact tool is supported by the latest technological features and can easily be integrated into your current CRM system.

Do you have more customer care agents? CM Customer Contact allows multiple colleagues to work together in this dashboard and seamlessly transfer conversations to other colleagues or departments. Furthermore, CM Customer Contact will be implementing chatbots, the virtual assistant that can send automated but personalized messages to frequently asked questions.

Don't let poor organised customer care ruin your potential for sales this Black Friday. Customer service with CM Customer Contact not only streamlines chats with your customers, it also gives your business an accessible and therefore better reputation.

Contact James Bayhack to get started with CM Customer Contact:

James Bayhack

Country Manager

(+27) 21 276 1958

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