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MultiBel and CM simplify alarms and communication in crisis

Experience has shown that the alarming and communication of first responders is often not appropriately set up. During exercises as well as during calamities the communication is insufficient in 80% of the cases. The result of this is that evacuation is started much too slowly and that emergency services arrive at the wrong place or find themselves in front of locked gates.

MultiBelThe company MultiBel from 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands has developed an alarm and crisis communication system with which organisations can immediately reach a large group of people with a single action. MultiBel does this via email, telephone (voice) and text messages. For this it is cooperating with CM to deliver the text messages via the SMS Gateway.

Hospitals and care institutions

MulitBel has some 150 customers in The Netherlands and Belgium, of which approximately 30 are care institutions and over a third of the Dutch hospitals. It offers its customers a platform which can build up about 1,000 outgoing telephone calls per minute. For text message alarms MultiBel trusts CM's platform. "We switched to CM as text message provider in the past because a number of other telecom companies proved to be less reliable when it came to delivering texts," explains MultiBel senior account manager Olivier Nieland. "That consisted of a number of connections with operators, but it did not work as we expected. CM offered the solution for this, including delivery reports of text message batches." MultiBel works with its own SIP Trunks to set up the outgoing calls.


The company offers a SaaS service which means customers do not have to be the owners of the alarm network. "For instance, an incident occurs in the hospital, such as a fire. Most fires occur in the own IT network, which immediately makes alarming impossible", Nieland explains. "Because our alarm system works independently, the customer still is able to sound the alarm with one push of the button, even though a fire has unexpectedly disabled the IT network or disrupted the power supply. This cloud solution is executed in a redundant manner and runs on virtual servers in secure, ISO and NEN certified data centres. 

Text message notifications

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Text message notifications

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