My phone is my alter ego; so don’t pollute it

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My phone is my alter ego; so don’t pollute it

Many people see their mobile phones as their alter ego. Polluting it with spam therefore is a dreadful sin and gives messaging channels a bad reputation.

Every European mobile phone owner has had the unpleasant experience of receiving the ‘You-have-won-2,000.000-pound-with-your-telephone-number’ text message. These randomly sent text messages are nothing more then spam and maybe even fraudulent.  

Keeping channels clean

The majority of mobile service providers and operators however are fighting hard against parties responsible for sending spam messages. They care about keeping channels clean from spam for sending messages that are relevant for permission based marketing and/or business critical transactions.

SMS based marketing should be relevant, useful and permission based to be effective, which historically has been the strategy behind effective mobile marketing campaigns. Attendees at the first Wholesale Messaging and SMS World conference in London expressed their concerns about spam that polluted the channel that carries their revenues: SMS.

Killing the goose with the golden egg

Companies that pollute the SMS channel are killing their goose with the golden egg. They unwillingly let the most ubiquitous communication channel in the world be devalued by spreading messages that are unwanted and for which consumers did not opt in.

Mobile is personal

A mobile phone is personal, after all and for many it’s their gateway connecting them to friends and family close or far away, at times when they want to be connected. Mobile phone owners care less about techniques behind SMS and push notifications, for them the incoming and terminated messages count. This way the message gets very personal.

Don’t pollute my alter ego

Companies or persons sending spam messages devalue the messaging channel. “My phone is my alter ego”, says a conference speaker. “Don’t pollute my alter ego with spam messages. If you do I will walk away from you.” ‘You’ in this case being the SMS channel, which is the goose with the golden egg for so many companies attending Wholesale Messaging conference.  

Permission based means relevance

“A mobile message is very personal. Users have low acceptance to spam”, says Roy Rousso. “Application-to-person messaging should hold this into account and must be highly qualified and be used as a permission based marketing channel. Permission based means relevance.” 

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