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My Techno Girl program internship at

This year, took part in the Techno Girl Program of our strategic partner UNICEF. This means two students from South-Africa were flown in to experience working life at CM for two months. In this article, Pertunia, one of the two Techno Girl interns, will share some of her experiences with you.

My Techno Girl internship at

“My name is Pertunia Mojapelo, a young girl from South Africa. I have been involved with the Techno Girl program since 2010. It is through the Techno Girl program that I was given the opportunity to have an internship abroad. For my internship, I was invited to the international high-tech company

The internship began on the 1st of May. Together with Jennifer Nkhwashu - who is also taking part in this internship as a backend developer /data analyst -, we were assigned to work on the development of a new platform application. For my task, I began to work on the frontend. I was not quite familiar with the tools that were used. A CM colleague was very supportive and taught me all about the tools. 

Still, after a certain period, I realized that my passion is not development. So, I spoke to my supervisor about trying something else as I was determined to find my career during this internship. This led to me becoming a product owner/management intern. In this role, I got exposed to many products within I am an extrovert and really enjoy interacting with people, while on the other hand I still like the ICT Field. Being a product owner intern merged those aspects together perfectly. As a product owner, you are the contact point for the customer, the technology, and the business. This internship has really revealed some of my characteristics that I was never aware of.

During the internship, I also got a chance to be part of the exhibiting group at CEBIT as a sales representative. CEBIT is Europe’s business festival for innovation and digitalization. Attending the CEBIT event was a wonderful experience.”

Techno Girl filming session at

"During my time at the office, there was some short filming sessions. In these sessions, we get to tell our stories on how we experience being in the Netherlands and working for as Techno Girls. The best thing about these films is that our stories are captured perfectly and can be preserved for a longer period. We can look back on these memories anytime. And because they are shared publicly, other Techno Girl participants and youth globally can also watch them and relate to our stories."

Social exploration for the Techno Girl 

"During the week, we were working on enhancing our skills and contributing to the company positively. On weekends, we visited other towns in the Netherlands to learn more about the Dutch culture. For the duration of my internship, I have really grown. Both career-wise and socially. To give a few examples: learning how to ride a bicycle which is something I had never done before, or eating the typical Dutch food and snacks like ‘Stroopwafels’. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and I am very grateful to the Technogirl program, UNICEF, and for joining forces and making sure that the internship was a success. I wish that all other organizations out there could follow this example and help change the lives of many other girls and boys."

Read more about the Techno Girl program here > 

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