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News television program Nieuwsuur chooses CM for WhatsApp communication

The leading Dutch news television program Nieuwsuur introduces a WhatsApp channel through which it informs people about the program content. CM provides the technology to send mobile messages using WhatsApp.

Special reports and studio discussions

People enrolling for Nieuwsuur program updates through WhatsApp receive an editorial pick of the program scheduled for that same evening. Nieuwsuur (literally translated News Hour, a program like CBS' 60 Minutes format) also uses the service to highlight upcoming special reports or studio guests.

Increase visitors from news sites

Nieuwsuur sees the rising importance of WhatsApp business and understands that the mobile app is more than just a text message service. The service grew to be an essential source of information for millions of people. "Hyperlinks to articles via WhatsApp push traffic and lead to a growing number of visitors from many news sites. Users of our WhatsApp channel can share the WhatsApp messages with mobile phone contacts, so our content is distributed more widely," Nieuwsuur states in the press release.

Reliable SMS and Voice services

CM is known by several different public broadcasters who call for its reliable SMS and voice services which most Dutch radio and television broadcasters have already implemented. "We hope that people who have registered for the messaging service visit our website and watch the show," Silvia Pilger Nieuwsuur explains. "We have a large fixed group of viewers. We hope to grow our reach extensively."

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