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Next year’s trends in social media and other messaging channels.

Nowadays, social media plays such an important role in our lives. On average, the daily time spent on social media worldwide is 135 minutes. As 2018 comes to an end, let’s have a look at what the future of social media will look like for businesses.

“84% of the businesses in Europe think that customers have higher expectations for customer service over social media in 2019.”


Social media will be more integrated into other services


The days where social media was only used for sharing and liking are long gone. Social media is becoming bigger and will be more integrated into other services. It is transforming into full service (business) platforms, used alongside marketing, e-commerce and customer services in an effort to enhance business processes.


Even though social media platforms offer more to their customers, customers are also more demanding in terms of how they want to communicate with businesses. As technology becomes more advanced, high speed and immediacy will become the new standard. In the current IoT (Internet of Things) world, people are connected to each other and expect to get their answers immediately. The same applies to the world of business, and businesses need to react quickly. We'll discuss the how to later in this blog post.


It's no secret that customers expect businesses to be available at any time of day via all the messaging channels which they prefer. For example, via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. But how many businesses are actually ready for this?

Social media for customer services

Research shows that 84% of European businesses think that customers will have higher expectations for customer service via social media in 2019. But despite this high percentage, research has also shown that a large number of these businesses will not act upon their predictions. 

The following numbers were taken from a single customer experience trend report for 2019. It shows which messaging channels are currently used most frequently for customer services.

                              Implemented                  Not implemented yet

Facebook                                          51%                                                      49%

Twitter                                               87%                                                      13%

WeChat                                              6%                                                        94%

Google RCS                                       21%                                                      79%

WhatsApp                                         21%                                                      79%



As these numbers tell us, the most used customer contact channel is Twitter. While Facebook and WhatsApp are the biggest social media platforms in Europe, almost half of businesses are not offering customer service via these channels.

A full customer contact experience via omni-channel messaging

As a result, the importance of multi-channel customer service will increase in 2019. How can your business anticipate this change and offer superior customer service? Omni-channel messaging is the answer. Omni-channel messaging is a multi-channel approach for sales, marketing and customer services to interact with your customers wherever they are. For example, send your database an SMS about an upcoming sale or offer 24/7 customer service via Facebook Messenger. offers a Business Messaging API and makes it possible for your business to interact with your customers via the messaging channel they prefer. The API makes it possible to communicate with your customers on all messaging apps via just one dashboard. provides messaging channels such as WhatsApp, RCS, Voice messaging, SMS and Voice calls, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, iMessage and more. By implementing an omni-channel messaging approach, you provide your customers with a customer-centric experience.

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