No Mobile Internet? That’s okay

With smartphone penetration growing to 75%, mobile phone users increasingly need data plans to keep their apps and communication in business. But data plans sometimes run out of data or coverage. How to reach your customers in a time where 'always-on' is standard?

No Mobile Internet? That’s okay


For those rare moments smartphone users are located in areas that lack mobile internet, CM’s Hybrid Messaging solves the problem by combining push notifications and SMS text messages in just one application. “Hybrid messaging offers the best of both worlds: the vast accessibility of SMS and low expense of push notifications”, says Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of mobile service provider CM.



Push Messaging with SMS Fallback

Hybrid Messaging initially sends your app push notifications to your app users. Based upon the delivery status noted in de delivery report that will be sent back to your dashboard, the SMS Fallback option within Hybrid Messaging can send your messages as an SMS.

Business Critial Messaging

Hybrid Messaging is especially useful for business critical notifications like alerts, transactions verification. Within the app dashboard you can set a time after which an SMS Fallback has to be sent. Every SMS Message returns a delivery report as well and is resent in the case the status comes back as ‘failed’ or ‘not accepted’.

Hybrid Messaging comes with the following features:

  1. SMS Fallback
  2. Extremely safe with encrypted push notifications
  3. High delivery guarantee
  4. Flexible with four choices in app development
  5. Real-time monitoring


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