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Platform updates: January 2019

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the CM platform. In this update, we want to inform you about the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.

Local networks in Asia and Africa

We’re proud to announce that our local networks in Africa and Asia are now live. This means faster connections, as you now no longer need to wait for our European networks to process your information. Moreover, your messages stay within your local area. This is safer and compliant to local legislation. Opening local networks in Africa and Asia is part of our ambition for global expansion. This gives the opportunity to grow. Status page

At, we commit to offering you the most stable platform possible. We have a back-up server running to make sure you won’t experience any outages. If you want to verify whether all systems are fully operational or under maintenance, just visit our Status page. Want to receive an instant notice in the unlikely event a system is offline? Sign up for our notification service.

APIs and SDKs for developers

Do you know your way around SDKs and APIs? At our new developer page, you can find all relevant information about our API’s and SDK’s. Did you know almost all our apps have API’s available? We’re also expanding our documentation on communities like GitHub and Nuget.

New from Digitally sign your documents with Sign

Digitally send, sign and manage contracts and other (legal) documents with Sign from Forget the hassle of printing and forwarding hard-copy documents. Just upload your documents and send them to the person you need a signature from. Safe, fast and reliable.

You can now try Sign from for free! Your first 10 documents are free.

Black and whitelist voice destinations

Discover a new feature in the Voice Management app: blacklist or whitelist certain destinations and get a grip on your call expenses. Create your own routing restrictions. When you choose to blacklist a destination, this destination will no longer be available for you or your customers to make calls to. Whitelisting means this destination is the only destination available to you. Or choose to let the Voice Management app create a blacklist for you. Simply state your preferred maximum spending per minute, and the Voice Management app will create a blacklist for you.

Discover voice mail detection in Voice Campaigns

Voice Campaigns is a powerful tool from to send text-2-speech or audio-Voice messages with. But what if your Voice Campaign reaches the voicemail box of your recipient? You can now choose how Voice Campaigns should handle that. Should it just play, or would you rather like it to repeat itself so you can be sure the message lands in the voicemail box of the recipient? Or would you rather not want to play the message at all when Voice Campaigns detects a voicemail box? The choice is yours. Discover the powerful Voice Campaigns tool.

connects tens of thousands of companies with millions of consumers via their mobile phone each day. Behind the scenes, from our innovative platform, makes sure companies can use these millions of messages, phone calls and payments to become part of people’s lives.

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