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Platform updates May

Every day, over a hundred developers are working on improving the platform. In this update, we want to inform you about the latest changes made to improve your platform experience.

WhatsApp Business solution

Want to start using the WhatsApp Business solution to stay in touch with your customers? You can start the on-boarding process today. Use WhatsApp to send customer service messages and notifications.’s Customer Contact app helps you manage your Business Messaging. When you’re already using, adding the WhatsApp Business solution as a communication channel is very easy.

Start onboarding today.

Number Validation

The powerful Address Book tool helps you manage your contact lists. Whether you’re using lists with just a couple of contacts, or massive amounts, Address Book safely stores and helps you manage your valuable contact lists. Besides being fully restyled, Address Book now also makes it easier to validate phone numbers in your lists.

When you’re not entirely sure which format you should use for the phone numbers of your contacts, Address Book will help you. Simply upload and state the format you have used, and Address Book helps you correct and validate.

Updates in Sign

A few updates and upgrades to our popular digital signing tool Sign:

1. Combine documents in one session: For example: Add addenda to your document and send it over for signing in one go.

2. Microsoft Word support: Besides .PDF-files, you can now upload Microsoft Word formatted files

3. Send in bulk: When you need to send a large number of documents, you can now do this in bulk.

4. Save your signature: Regularly need to sign documents? Safely store your signature in the app, and avoid having to re-upload.

These features are available in the web-app, as well as with the Sign API. Find out more here

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