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Platform Updates: September 2021

Every day, over a hundred developers work hard to improve the platform. In this update, you can read everything about the latest changes.


Quick reply

You are now able to add a quick reply to a WhatsApp message. This was already possible in templates but is now also possible in free-form messages.


List reply

You are now also able to send a message with a list of possible answer options. For example, to do a quick survey.


Mobile Marketing Cloud

Customer Data Platform 

New Query Editor live on beta 

Creating segments is even easier now. Read and learn all about it on our Customer Service page

Email Campaigns 

Tags improvement 

In the Email Campaigns filter, you can now toggle the ''must include all'' button. This will make it easier to find your campaigns. 



Hidden input fields  

It’s now possible to add a hidden input field to your Page. This allows for adding additional information on a Page that can be sent to the CDP which is not visible to the Page visitor. These can be filled with a hard-coded value, or dynamically by using a merge tag. 



Mobile Service Cloud

Receiving and making calls

After a soft launch, Mobile Service Cloud Advanced and Pro now include Native Voice in closed beta. With Native Voice, voice calls (in and outbound) are handled as conversations via any other channel and will be shown in the Agent Inbox accordingly. By the end of the year, we will move out of the closed beta phase and take it to market, but it can already be demo-ed. Contact us if you are interested.



Add attachments to dossiers

From now on, it is possible to add attachments that do not have to be signed to dossiers. Many customers requested this possibility to be able to add attachments like a privacy policy, FAQ, or terms and conditions to a dossier to send with contracts. This improvement makes Sign even more complete.


OTP Authentication

In some cases, the content of documents and agreements can be sensitive or private. To protect this information, we have added the option to do an identification check via a one-time password (OTP) before being able to open and sign the documents. The document owner adds the phone number of the signatory in the invite. An SMS with a unique code will be sent to this phone number, which must be entered in the Sign environment. Only when the code has been filled out correctly, the documents can be opened and signed, which will highly increase security.


Get in touch with us if you have any questions or you'd like us to demo some of these new features

Contact Us

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or you'd like us to demo some of these new features

Contact Us
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