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Press Release: CM Telecom expands into South Africa and Hong Kong

Global mobile services company CM Telecom today announces it's continuing its expansion by opening new offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Hong Kong.

CM Telecom sees growing demands in Asia and Africa for its services including Hybrid Messaging and authentication features such as two-factor authentication. CM Telecom expects to bring its quality in SMS delivery throughout the continents whilst addressing verticals such as banking, retail, healthcare, logistics and media. James Bayhack has been appointed as Country Manager of South Africa and Fred Siu is the new Country Manager for Hong Kong. They will also be servicing Africa and APAC respectively.

Growing demands

Hodny Benazzi, General Manager at CM Telecom: “The expansion is the result of growing demands in Africa and Asia for our services. Although both markets are mature and large areas to cover geographically, the expansion brings unique opportunities, both for our products and for new acquisitions. Our products Hybrid Messaging, CM Direct, mobile payments and two-factor authentication through mobile messaging will contribute highly in both APAC and Africa. Furthermore, we can add value to the market with our powerful analytics features and API’s, which truly distinguish CM Telecom from its competitors.”

Deliver messages and payments, whatever the platform

“While our competitors operate in specific areas, like SMS or push messaging or payment services, CM’s product offering spans all of these areas under one roof. Our Hybrid Messaging system combines multiple channels in one package, ensuring customers can deliver messages to audiences via one partner, whatever the platform”, said Jeroen Van Glabbeek, CEO of CM Telecom.

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