Randstad Belgium shaping employment with CM's SMS

HR professional Randstad provides thousands of jobs a month through CM's mobile platform for SMS. "We find the best people for the best jobs. SMS with CM Telecom is a major asset in this."

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Employment agency Randstad specializes in flexible work, is Belgium's largest HR and recruitment professional and mediates monthly among thousands of employers and jobseekers. At Randstad, which belongs to the same group as Tempo-Team, Tempo-Team Professionals, Randstad Professionals and Galileo, employs over 2000 people. The company started in 1965 in Belgium after its foundation in the Netherlands.

Luc de Bolle is team manager of Services & Operations and responsible for ICT service delivery within the Randstad Group. He and his team of 25 employees provide support to the approximately 2,000 employees of Randstad Group in Belgium in the fields of software, hardware and self-service tools.

Get the work out there

One of the processes for which Luc De Bolle and his team are responsible is the SMS system of Randstad. Through a private dashboard Randstad sends text messages via the platform of CM Telecom in order to make job seekers aware of available functions and work. Randstad sends hundreds of thousands of text messages per month to job seekers informing them about new jobs on the Belgium market.

SMS as a commodity

"With SMS via CM Telecom, we can very quickly reach a lot of people," explains De Bolle out. "For Randstad, sending SMS messages became a real commodity. We need and use CM Telecoms services to quickly and reliably send messages: foru us time s money", says mr. De Bolle. Although De Bolle sees the messaging system as crucial and indispensable part of operations within Randstad, he and his team do not have any concerns about whether it functions ot not. "It would hinder us and the business enormously if we can not send SMS anymore. But, like I said; it is a commodity. We are used to it, it works, is reliable and the downtime is minimal, almost nonexistent. We have actually nothing to worry about."

Efficiency & Ubiquitousness

Randstad is not only convinced of the power of the SMS platform of CM Telecom. "Even the people for whom we intercede are accustomed to receive an SMS. They reckon that we inform them on job openings via SMS. There are good relationships with our consultants to whom they call back for more information. Previously, it merely went through the phone calls. SMS via CM Telecom has eliminated this labor-intensive process, "said De Bolle. "SMS via CM Telecom is an important asset. The SMS message has a fairly closed protocol with only limited features. Exactly that is also its benefit causing a feeling of urgency and offering efficiency and ubiquitousness."

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