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Recent hacks push telcos to think about security and data protection

The Gemalto hack has made telecom operators worldwide to think more about security in the mobile atmosphere. Although without a chance to prevent theft by the NSA and GCHQ, the hack shows technology security can fail, even with SIM cards.

As the amount of devices connected to internet rises, this Internet of Things comes with more risks. The connected car has already been compromised, the NSA and GCHQ have shown our smartphones can be hacked through their sim cards. IoT is quickly being adopted and by the year 2020 some 50 billion devices -cars, refrigerators and even garbage cans will provide information to their users via a wireless signal. 

Digital confidence

“With 3 billion people worldwide connected to the Internet, we have to focus on digital confidence”, says John Frederik Baksaas in the opening keynote of Mobile Word Congress 2015 in Barcelona. The chairman of the GSMA and CEO of telco Telenor is worried about privacy and security in the mobile network, which can affect confidence among mobile users. Baksaas pinpoints the use of MobileConnect, a GSMA supported program which secures mobile identities. 

Vittorio Colao, CEO of Vodafone, underlines Baksaas’ statement: “I am constantly bombarded with terms as 5G, security, roaming, net neutrality. It is right we need more speed, more ubiquity and good value. More important is that customers want and deserve privacy and security”, Colao states. “For instance, why can I not choose to to be able to see what happens with my information? I love Google, Amazon and Facebook, but they’re controlling 96% of my online life. I want to choose and so do our customers.” 

Deutsche Telekom (DT) says it is constantly aiming for a higher level of data protection. “We need consumers to be able to trust their connections”, says Timo Hoettges, CEO at DT. “And therefore of high level of data protection. ”

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