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Safeguard your company’s integrity with opt-out management

Data privacy has become a global concern for companies handling private data and messaging channels to communicate with their consumers. Companies want to know how to manage SMS marketing campaigns with the many (country-specific) regulations. How do you make sure not to put the company’s SMS and Email compliance at risk?

SMS is a well-known and reliable way to reach out to customers. Therefore, it is often used for sending sensitive information, as well as sending marketing campaigns. The latter, however, is bound to renewed regulations as end-users have to be able to opt out from a marketing SMS. However, that opt-out should not impact transactional SMS. Such messages carry need-to-know information like a One-Time Password to log in to your bank account or payment confirmations.

CM, processing SMS for companies worldwide since 1999, has invested a lot of time and resources to address this specific but widespread market need. Benefiting from its footprint in EMEA and Asia, CM has been gathering a continuous stream of market insight based on local best practices and regulations. This vast input has been used to create a global ‘Opt-Out Management’ solution working in any country for any customer. 

International compliance with Opt-out Management 

Opt-out Management is a fully automated suppression list management solution embedded in the CM database management software called Address Book. Opt-Out Management gives end-users the possibility to unsubscribe (opt-out) from promotional bulk SMS or mailing lists. Opt-out Management does not affect the transactional SMS, i.e. notifications or time-sensitive information via SMS. 

Next to GDPR compliance, there are more ways you can benefit from having Opt-out Management integrated into your SMS campaigns:

  • Seamless and automated management of unsubscribers.
  • Compliance with the South-African WASPA code of conduct.
  • International opt-out option via a short and unique URL per recipient
  • Possibility to override standard Opt-out with your message.
  • Solution available as API or a Web Application on the platform
  • Opt-out Management is at the company level. If someone is opting out from company A, he will no longer be reachable for marketing messages from Company A but Company B. 

How does Opt-Out Management work?

1.An Opt-out solution per destination

Regarding the destination you are sending SMS to, our system will apply an opt-out addition to your message. This will either be an opt-out via shortcode or via a URL. For the user, the solution is either to reply “STOP” to a predefined number (also called a shortcode) or to go to a specific website CM is hosting.

  • Shortcode – This is more user-friendly to use, but this option is not supported in all countries. Destinations supported: France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. 
  • Website (short URL) – This solution is supported in all countries and is accessible via the internet. Recipients that want to unsubscribe enter their phone number in a form after which they will instantly be opted-out.

2.Add the feature 

For customers using the web platform to send out messages, the Opt-Out feature is added to your messages by default. For messages sent to recipients in France, UK, NL, BE, the system will automatically add the country-specific opt-out method (usually: “STOP to short code”). If your messages are sent to other destinations, the system will use the international option for compliance, regardless of the country you are sending to (Short URL unique per recipient: NO-S.MS/123456). 


Once a recipient has opted out, the information is processed and linked to your database. Each end-user will be marked as unsubscribed and will no longer be reachable via SMS for promotional SMS or Email campaigns. Unless the consumer consent to be on a marketing list again, its phone number or email address is considered “blacklisted” in your database.


Finally, CM’s solution provides valuable insight regarding opt-outs. You can see which SMS marketing campaign the recipient has opted out for. Additionally, we can ask why the consumer has decided not to receive marketing messages anymore. 

5.Continue using other channels

Opt-Out Management has been designed to allow companies to send transactional SMS notifications to their customers. You can still reach out to recipients that may have unsubscribed from marketing content but still want to receive One Time Passwords, bank statements or any sensitive information via SMS. 

How to get started with Opt-Out Management? 

We want to make sure all our customers can benefit from this important feature. Therefore, the solution is available both as an API and Web Application in the platform. For the convenience of the platform customers of CM, Opt-Out Management is already integrated into the Address Book. Hence, no additional application needs to be used and is immediately available. If you prefer using opt-out management via API, you can find all required information in the documentation

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