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Send Rich WhatsApp Message Templates with Campaigns

Now, you can easily send out Rich WhatsApp notifications with our Campaigns tool. We empower you to send out WhatsApp Message Templates within a few clicks in bulk. Campaigns is the easiest way to push highly relevant and personalised messages quickly and easily to your audience.

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The WhatsApp Business Solution is a high-quality service messaging channel. For this reason, it is only permitted to initiate the conversation with your customers if you have an active opt-in. Besides that, a WhatsApp conversation initiated by your business, notifications for instance, has to start by using Messaging Templates.

To be able to send automated notifications, you need to format message templates in accordance with WhatsApp policies – these policies are user-centric. That’s because WhatsApp cares very much about the value you will be providing to your customers.

Before we dive into the process for sending, let’s look at what WhatsApp Message Templates are?

WhatsApp Message Templates

WhatsApp Message Templates are specific message formats that businesses use to send out notifications, alerts, and customer care messages to people who have opted-in to receive messages. These may include appointment reminders, shipping information, issue resolutions, payment updates, and more.

Now, you can easily send out Rich WhatsApp notifications with our Campaigns tool within a few clicks.

Campaigns is the easiest way to push highly relevant and personalised WhatsApp messages quickly and easily to your audience.

Approval of WhatsApp Message Templates

WhatsApp uses Message Templates in a very specific format to send notifications. Having an approval process in place for these templates, helps ensure WhatsApp can keep track of the quality of conversations.

Here's a quick how to video on how to request WhatsApp Message Templates

A Message Template can consist of text and can be enriched with:

  • emoji’s 
  • URLs
  • Image
  • PDF
  • Video
  • Buttons (coming soon)

When to use WhatsApp Message Templates:

  • Appointment updates
  • Auto replies
  • Payment updates
  • Reservation updates
  • Shipping updates
  • Ticket updates
  • Catch-up notifications to re-engage
  • Promotional updates
  • Transportation updates and more.

Start sending WhatsApp Message Templates in Campaigns

To upload your complete contact list, you can use Address Book. Address Book is a simple and intuitive contact management tool to manage your database of customers and clients.

Import up to a 1 million contacts via Excel or CSV. Once your database is uploaded, you can create and send personalised campaigns at scale.

Is your WhatsApp Message Template approved? And your contacts opted in to receive WhatsApp messages? Then you're all set and ready to go.

Navigate in your platform account to the pre-installed Campaigns app which you can find under the 9 dots in the upper right corner. Start a new Campaign by clicking on the + and select WhatsApp as your channel.

  1. Select your contact list; 
  2. Fill in your template variables.

That’s all it takes. You can set up your Campaign in less than 5 minutes.

Questions? Get in touch with one of our WhatsApp Business Solution experts

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